March 11, 2013

Shamrock Green Dresser Transformation

I don't know what it is around our house, but little man sure loves St. Patrick's Day.
He talks about it all year long.... maybe because of the mischievous things that always seem to happen around our house on that day... 
but that's to share for another day :)

Today I have one of my most epic furniture transformations ever. 
Yep, it's that big a' deal. 

So epic that I may have just painted a piece for my own house that was inspired after this little dresser.
Let me correct myself, this ginormous beast of a dresser.

It's gorgeous though.
And if you're thinking in shades of green like me this week, you'll flip over this piece!!

Take a peek at what we're talking about here, folks...

Are you dying right now?
I'm so in love with the green it's not funny.
And I'm totally not normally a green kind of girl. 
(It's a little out of my turquoise realm, you know!) 

I had a fabulous client last summer bring this piece to me with lots of ideas.
It was gorgeous to begin with but was looking a little worn out.
Peeling veneer edges, scratches and worn out color. 
Here's what showed up at my house last summer: 

It's a bit of a beast but so so pretty. 
I knew it had mounds of potential. 

Check out those drawer details: 

And hidden behind those two middle doors were three drawers in perfect working order: 

It sat there for a few weeks until we finally settled on a game-plan.
She wanted two tones of green, a stained top & some trim added to the top edges to replace that sad veneer. 

Step 1 was giving it a good sanding down. 
Then it got a coat of 'Leapfrog' green by Sherwin Williams. 
I love love love their enamel paint. 
Goes on so smooth and dries with a gorgeous glossy finish. 

I also adhered the new wood trim around the top edges.
It was exactly the little facelift it needed. 
I used liquid nails and then did the classy 'duct-tape it to hold' tactic to let it dry nice & tight. 
Here it is in process: 

After painting the body of the dresser in 'Leapfrog', I went back and painted the drawer & door accents in a lighter green called "Great Green' also by Sherwin Williams. 

It added such a fun pop of contrast that highlighted the gorgeous lines of the piece. 

I stained the original top with dark walnut stain, as well as the new rope trim. 
I love love love the look of the stained top against the gorgeous green.

When she bought the piece, it only had four of the original drawer pulls with it. 
I added all the original hardware back but she was going to hunt for either the originals (if she could get them) or new ones for the top drawers.  

For the inside drawers, we decided on a little whimsical 'seuss' addition... green stripes!!
They turned out so fun & are a little surprise for when you open the doors. 

After painting the whole piece & letting it dry for several days, I took my little mouse sander and gave it a good distressing. 
My favorite part :) 

I just love how all the detailing & lines of a piece pop out after being distressed. 
It definitely highlights the gorgeous nooks & crannies and adds a vintage feel to it. 

Ok, ok. so you have all the little details.
Now let's just move on to the eye candy....
the little shamrock beauty in all it's glory: 

I always think you can tell the enormous, dramatic changes better when you see the before & after side by side. 
So here they are for you to see how far this piece came. 
From completely worn out to daring & gorgeous!!

Paints & Stains:
Leapfrog (the dark green): Sherwin Williams
Great Green (the lighter accent green): Sherwin Williams
Minwax Dark Walnut Stain
Minwax Finishing Wax

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this amazing before & after!!
It is most definitely my favorite piece I've done as of yet and you'll be seeing more of this color when I share my little guy's dresser redo soon!

What do you think? 
Did I help you fall in love with the shamrock color scheme? 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this. It's probably one of my favorite refinished pieces I've ever seen :) You did a great job!

  2. Beautiful!! I would love to have my hands on this piece of furniture. Such a great color combo.

  3. Oh my heaven! I'm in love! The two toned look is perfect! And the stripes on the middle drawers?! Amazing! Great job Kelsey!!

  4. Yes, it is awesome. The piece, the painting, the inside stripes, the distressing. Well Done, Kelsey!

  5. Wow! I love it. Great details.

  6. This is awesome!!! I had to come check it out because I just finished an emerald green buffet as well!! Green is on the brain! :)

  7. Absolutely love this. I am dying to do green in a room in my house. I love this dresser. I am hosting a link party and would love it if you would link this up.

  8. Great, great job!! This is amazing!! I love it!

    rhonda :-)

  9. It's absolutely perfect. I LOVE it. Already mentally flicking though my furniture to see what I can paint two-tone green. Love the striped drawers inside, too!

  10. I'm a lover of green, so, yes, I'm in love with this piece.

  11. It came out perfect! I love the green. :)

  12. Oh my - this is amazing! You are being featured tomorrow on Tickled Pink!

  13. I LOVE this dresser/buffet! Amazing!


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