April 29, 2013

30 Minute Room Update: Striped Accent Wall

If you're anything like me, then letting anything in your house stay the same for too long drives you crazy.

I mean, there are certain things I'm not just going to up and change, but most things in my house are subject to be moved around, painted, stored away for a while or altered in some way to keep up with my ever changing DIY-ing mood. 

And I'm ever so lucky that my sweet hubby is ok with that. 

I'll prove it. 
Here's the convo that happened just a few weeks ago in our house: 

(And let's remember that this was supposed to be a 'lazy' day around the house-ha!) 
Me (sitting on the couch): "Honey, I think I'm over that wall right there"
Hubby: "Which wall??"
Me: "That one. The one I'm staring at. You know, behind the TV."
Hubby: "What do you mean over it? It's a wall."

Me: "Yea... but I think it could look a million times better. With stripes. I want to stripe it."
Hubby: "Like right now?"

Me: "Is that okay?"
Hubby: "Ummm.... sure. I guess. I didn't think there was anything wrong with it though." 

My poor, sweet hubby.
But let me tell you, our thirty minute project made a huge impact in our living room!!
And yep, I said THIRTY minutes.
It's that easy :) 

Here's the wall in question: 

It's fine. It's blue. 
So nothing horrible. 

But I thought it'd be the perfect accent wall for the living room. 
I love to jazz things up :) 

Hubby is a little OCD about getting things straight.
I'm more of an 'eyeball-er' when it comes to taping so he decided to take over this part. 
Literally the longest part of the whole project. 

...............Thirty minutes later.............

Isn't it gorgeous??!!?? 

We used Sherwin Williams 'Snowbound' which is my FAVORITE go-to white. 
We taped it off, rolled on the paint and then pulled the tape off. 

Easy peasy. 
Here's the quick before & after: 

I think it makes such a difference in this room. 
Adds a touch of glam & personality for sure. 

And since it was such a small wall, it didn't take any time at all to get it done. 

I'm kinda obsessed with stripes and I"m not going to lie,
I've been seriously judging all the other walls in my house to see if they'd benefit from some striping action too. 
But a little goes a long way and for now, they're safe :) 

what do you think of our thirty-minute project?? 

Do any of you get bit by the 'change it up' bug like I do? 
And does your hubby play along as well as mine? :) 

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  1. I like it. You make it sound so easy & quick, I want to go home & stripe a wall! LOL.

  2. Gorgeous! I love striped walls and yours is such a pretty color. If you get a chance, please share this on my linky party:

  3. oh my gosh I love this! it looks soooo good and revamped! I'm the same way- I can't have anything in my home stay the same for too long haha! Going to do a couple DIY's in May I'm pumped about...
    Follow me here--> :)

  4. Great DIY minds must think alike... seriously, like 2 weeks ago I just did that to one of my walls at the end of my hall. I was cleaning one day and thought "that's a boring wall, I'm gonna stripe it TODAY!" And I did, and I love it. I love your wall too! Oh, and NO nothing in my house can stay the same for a very long time. I'm all about changing the furniture (whether it's the color or the actual piece), all about painting the walls and my most favorite projects are entire room makeovers!

  5. I LOVE the stripes! I love how they coordinate with your kitchen cabinets! :)

  6. Stripes are my favorite easy room enhancement as well. I have stripes in our master bedroom and then the same stripes in the kid's hallway. I think I'd stripe my whole house if my husband would let me. I also did striped drop cloth curtains in our playroom. I'm a stripe addict! Love this look!

  7. My 16 y.o. daughter is sitting here with me and saw this and said, "it's cute and bright and sailor-y, only the good sailor-y, not the swearing sailor-y." lol

    It is cute. Might have to stripe something here soon...

  8. I love how you took just one section of a wall, not the entire wall. It looks great!! I've been wondering how much thinking you had to do in advance to get the striped to line up with the top of the door etc.
    Good job.


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