April 18, 2013

Spring Mantle 2013 Reveal!!

I know, it's nearly halfway through spring already.
But we still aren't getting consistent spring-like weather.

Today we're getting tornadoes.
Be jealous. 

Sooo I've been dying to share my latest mantle update and I'm finally getting around to being able to share it with you!

If you guys have followed me for a while, 
you know that I love taking thrifty treasures and transforming them.
I love having a little stash of pieces that I'll be able to pull out for projects like this.

I'm one of those people that goes straight from Christmas decor to spring decor.
I just don't mess with valentines and 'winter' decorating much. 
So right after Christmas decor came down,
I started thinking about what to do for a spring mantle. 

I knew I wanted to incorporate pieces showing me & hubby's newfound love somehow.
What can I say? We're hopeless :) 

So I pulled out pieces from my ever-growing stash of treasures and started playing around.

My vision for my spring mantle all stemmed from this: 

I found it on the side of the road and knew instantly it had to be a centerpiece somewhere!
The wood grain is gorgeous and I was completely in love with the natural color of it. 
I have no idea what it's supposed to be but it came home with me :) 

I rubbed it down with some wood reviving polish I had and let it sit up on the mantle for a few days deciding how to make it shine. 

Well, remember when I shared with you at the beginning of the year that our family word this year is 'extraordinary'?
I decided that our mantle needed to display that proudly.
So I settled on 'Life is extraordinary'. 
Simple, to the point and oh-so-true. 

So my sign got some simple stenciling...

Here's the mantle after figuring out what to do with that guy:

Gorgeous, right??
Basically,  I started pulling things out of my stash and playing.
I'll be sharing more tips on how I go through my creative process tomorrow :) 

For now, just know that I used my huge board as my star and made everything else work around it. 
I played here & there with pieces until I got a layout that I loved.
Then enter in the spraypaint, glue gun & small accessories. 

Here's the end product: 

Ah! Color and typography & greenery!!!
It's so airy and fresh. 
I'm in love with how it turned out!!

Can you believe it's using all the same things from the picture before??? 

I couldn't resist buying up a few succulents at our local market a few weeks ago. 
This one got potted in a dollar store pot and set on the mantle for some much-needed natural beauty :) 

I'll be sharing more about my spring banner later. 
Isn't it fun? 

At the beginning, when we first found each other again...there were many times when hubby and I would just look at each other with a big, silly grin on our face. 
The other would say 'What?'
And we'd inevitably reply 'Nothing. It's" 

Because it's still pretty amazing that we get to be together.
Thus the big 'you' sign that made it on the mantle. 

I'm also in love with that tiny blue vase that was a fun thrifty find. 

Remember my chevron wood art I made for my fall mantle
I decided to make a smaller version for this one. 
I loved it that much :) 
More on that later too. 

My tiny gold fleur-de-lis always seems to find a spot somehow.
I'm in love with the random cork 'c' that my sister got me for my bday too. 

The other pieces are mostly thrifted treasures besides that gorgeous white vase from Hobby Lobby that I treated myself to for my bday last year. 

Are you loving the doily banner on the 'extraordinary' sign? 
Took about 10 seconds!!
I folded over doilies from Michael's dollar spot and strung them on Baker's Twine.
Easy peasy.

I'm obsessed with blue & yellow together this spring. 
It's so vibrant and happy looking.
If you're like me, spring is my favorite time of the year because everything is bright & cheery. 
I love bringing that inside a bit :) 

Here's the snapshot of that whole side of the living room in case you were wondering. 
Those tiny windows on either side drive me crazy but they do let sunshine peek in so I guess I can't complain too much. 

Don't you love the basket full of cars too?
Just keeping it real, guys :) 

I love the side-by-side of how it all came together.
Who'd have thunk that so many plain & out-dated pieces could be so happy and cheerful? 

So, do you love my spring mantle as much as I do? 
What colors are you loving this spring? 

I'll be back tomorrow to share some tips & more in-depth explanations of how I transformed some of these pieces so be sure to check back!!
Hope you guys are having a great week!

Looking for more? 
Check out last year's spring mantle here

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  1. What a difference spray paint makes! I love your mantle!!

    Brie - Breezy Pink Daisies

  2. This is so beautiful Love it!!!

  3. I love these! I'd pick a long chain, silver large locket with the 'blessed' plate, with the sparrow, the number 5 in silver, the camera charm. Probably more! Lol

  4. What an adorable mantle!! I love the pops of colour and the sign you made, great buntings... It is all adorable!!
    Krista @thehappyhousie

  5. very cute, and very happy. Love it all. jen

  6. I love all the doors and like you said ... "color and typography & greenery!!!" It's super cute! Thanks for inspiring!


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