May 13, 2013

{Grad Gift Idea} DIY Monogram Chalkboard

It's that time of year when there's about a hundred different things happening, right? 
School is about to end for the year, graduations are all over the place, baby and wedding showers are pretty much every weekend...

It's hard to keep up sometimes :) 

I thought you might like a pretty simple DIY gift that anyone would love. 
It'd be fun for a wedding or baby shower too but mine was meant for a graduation gift. 

My best friend's little sister graduated last week which was a bit crazy for me. 
I remember when she was teeny tiny...her graduating is surreal. 

So I had to make her something fun to take with her to the dorms. 

I decided a personalized chalkboard would be just the ticket. 
Fun, modern & completely useful for a new grad to write notes to her room-mates and keep track of her busy schedule :)

Isn't it cute?? 

*Wood Scrap/MDF for bottom shape (or use an already cut piece from Hobby Lobby) 
*Mongram Letter (Hobby Lobby) 
*Chalkboard Paint
*Desired paint colors for stripes

The longest/hardest step is getting that bottom layer cut out. 
You could skip this and just use an already cut piece from somewhere like Hobby Lobby if you'd like. 
I used a piece of thin wood we picked up at Lowes and traced the shape I wanted onto it with a sharpie.
Hubby was kind enough to use my jigsaw to cut it out for me. 

Sand the edges for a smooth finish and you're ready to go! 
The chipboard 'A' was only a few dollars at Hobby Lobby and I love the chunky size! 

I gave the monogram a couple coats of chalkboard paint. 
Make sure to 'prime' it after you paint it by rubbing a piece of chalk all over it and then wiping off.
This gets the chalkboard ready to use! 

I spraypainted the bottom layer with a glossy white then used painters tape to mark off stripes. 
I just used acrylic paint to add the stripes in an aqua blue color. 

Once you've added your stripes, peel back the painter's tape and smile at how easy it all was!!
All that's left is to hot-glue your monogram to the board and then step back and admire it!

I added a 'congrats' to mine just so they'd know it was a chalkboard. 
Plus it's just fun to write on, admit it :)

So fun & simple but it makes such an impact!
Wouldn't it be fun hanging in a dorm room or on a collage wall in the house? 

I'm kind of in love with it so my kiddos might be seeing a version of it popping up in their rooms :)

If you need to stay neutral, black & white is always a great go-to combo. 

Or you could use the grad's new school colors or if you're giving it as a baby gift, incorporate the nursery colors.
A new bride would love seeing her new initial too so branch out and have fun with colors & ways to make it special for whoever you're giving it to!

I think it'd even be cute in a smaller version tucked into a basket full of goodies. 

So how's that for cute & simple? 

Hope it helps you get inspired for the graduations & showers on your calendars!! 
Happy Monday!

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