May 06, 2013

Salvaged Wood & Pinwheel Wreath

Are you guys not shocked that you haven't seen a wreath from me in three months?? 

I think you should be. 
You know my obsession with them. 

But honestly, I haven't just been whipping them out lately. 
Maybe because I've built up such a good arsenal of them that I don't have the need to make one every month or so. 

The last one I shared was for our wedding back in February and it's been incredibly special to have hanging up so it's stayed.
It serves as a great spring/summer wreath with it's neutral colors anyway. 
But I recently moved it to the foyer area (pictures to come) and I wanted something fresh to put up. 
So I made a new wreath :) 

But you can never have too many fun wreath ideas, right?

Here's what I gathered up: 

*Grapevine Wreath
*Salvaged piece of barn wood
*White paint
*Moss Sheet
*Burlap Flowers
*Chipboard Stencils
*Scrap Ribbon

First things first, 
I sanded down my piece of wood and painted it white. 
After it was dry enough, I sanded it up to give it a weathered look.
I'm loving my stash of barn wood right now, it's definitely come in handy :) 

I used chipboard letters to stencil our last name on the board and roughed it up with sandpaper too. 
Then I snipped tiny pennent banner pieces out of a moss sheet I had and hot-glued them onto the corner. 
Perfect for if you just have bits and pieces left over from a project.

The yellow pinwheel is resting on the back of one of the burlap flowers.

How cute did it turn out?? 
I'm in love with the bright summer-y colors together!! 

The pinwheels were leftover from little man's candyshop party- which I can't wait to get pictures up from!! 
You'll die :) 
I snipped the pinwheels off their bases and hotglued them onto the wreath form. 
I'm obsessed with pinwheels this spring. 
They're so fun & whimsical. 

I used a scrap piece of yellow ribbon (also from the party) to hang it from. 
I love that it's good for both spring & summer... not that I won't find an excuse to make another wreath for summer or anything :) 

I love all the elements together- the grapevine texture, the barn wood, the moss...

I attached the wood to the wreath with my staple gun.
It was fun trying to dig it in there to get a good hold but I finally got it nice & secure! 

I'm loving putting our last name on everything...
but that's pretty normal around here :) 

I'm so excited to have a new spring wreath to add to my collection!

What do you think? 
Are you loving pinwheels & bright colors this spring? 
Been creating any fun spring wreaths that I might need to see?? 
Spill, please :) 
Happy monday, ya'll!!

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