June 06, 2013

Candy Shoppe Sixth Birthday Party

It has been way. too. long.

*hangs head in shame*
I have no excuses...
other than just keeping up with life.

More on that later though. 
Today I'm DYING to share little man's last birthday party with you. 
Cuz it's cute. And boy-ish. And fun :)
And has printables for you coming up too...what's better than that?? 

I wanted something fun & colorful.
And coming up with boy parties can be tricky.
He made the final decision and decided he wanted a candy birthday. 
Which got my wheels spinning :) 

So check out the eye candy (hehe) and be ready for some follow-up posts with a set of candy shoppe printables just for you & a little behind-the-scenes details too. 

{Warning: Picture heavy}

The main area was the food table that was set up in the dining room. 
We originally planned on having the party outside but weather didn't cooperate so this was Plan B. 

The backdrop is the same cabinet door backdrop I used in the superhero party last year.
I painted it all white so I could reuse it a little bit easier. 
I also love using my striped dropcloth tablecloth. 
It's my love :)  

I swagged a rag garland on the front of the table for some pop of color. 
I had my blue cabinet door laying around and it made a great tray at the front of the table to hold some candy jars. 

The gorgeous red and blue fans were Hobby Lobby finds. 
Love them :) 

I found cute cupcake liners at Michaels and made my own cupcake toppers. 
Printables soon to come :) 

I did a simple redo to a frame I had in my stash and used it as the centerpiece with a sign I created. 

Little man was dying to have a 'rainbow' cake so his mimi made him one.
Turned out so fun!!

One of my favorite areas was the drink station.
I covered a table with another dropcloth and set up drinks opposite from the food table. 
I grabbed my vintage coke crates & mason jars to add a fun touch :) 

I made the 'ice cold refreshment' sign from a piece of scrap wood and love how it turned out. 
Definitely one of my fave projects from the party. 

The vintage coke crate was perfect for holding personalized water bottles. 

I sketched a sign onto a pallet to help lead people to the candy shoppe outside. 
We have double doors that lead to the patio so it worked out perfectly.
A friend let us borrow a canopy to put over the patio so we could have a little outdoor space to use. 

The main attraction was our DIY candy shoppe we created just for the party.
Hubby & I were so proud of our creation :)
It turned out so much better than I ever had thought!!
You can check out all the pics & details for it here

The kids had a blast playing with it.
We set up some candy jars behind it so little man could let his friends 'buy' from him. 
We used raffle tickets for the money :)
They had so much fun and made all the hard work we put into the shoppe so worth it. 

And our course, this smile was worth everything...

Product run-down: 
White cabinet backdrop: DIY project
Pennent banner: DIY project
Cupcake toppers/signs/waterbottle labels: Free Printables COMING SOON
Cupcake liners: Michaels
Fans: Hobby Lobby
Cupcake Tiered Stands: DIY project
Striped straws & Rock candy sticks: Kara's Party Ideas
Pinwheels: Hobby Lobby
Candy Shoppe Prop: DIY project

I was so happy everything turned out well, even with the weather hiccup.

What do you think? 
Loving the candy theme  as much as I do?
I love how colorful it allowed us to be!!!!

Be on the lookout for a post all about our DIY candy shoppe & for some free candy shoppe party printables!!! 

Hope you guys are having a great week :) 

To see more up close and personal details on our DIY Candy Shoppe, check it out here!

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  1. This looks like such a fun idea, I love all the colors and the refreshments crate is pretty darn cool. They looked like they loved it.


    Creative Raisins

  2. SO cute! My kids would go crazy for this!! :)

  3. Super duper cute party. Love all the details!


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