June 12, 2013

{Father's Day GIft Idea} 'Daddy' Handprint Sign

Father's day is, what? 
Four days out? 

If you're anything like me,
I'm always racking my creative little brain to figure out something for Father's Day. 
It's just not as easy to get something fun & easy for those dads in your life as it is for a momma.
They don't appreciate the 'cute-ness' of things as much as we do :) 

This Father's day, I wanted something that the kids helped with but also something that would stick around a little longer than a drawn picture or a handprint on a mug. 
Though those are always a hit :) 

I decided to make something with...handprints...
Yep, I'm original.
But with a little spin on it. 

Just hold on... check it out...

It's a handprint sign :) 
How cute is it?
And the kids had so much fun helping me get it done. 

Instead of the tried-and-true painted handprints, I decided to utilize my little dremel and make some handprints right into the wood. 

I started with these scrap pieces of wood I pulled from the garage: 

They were given a thick coat of bright white & then I hand-stenciled the letters for both 'daddy' and 'poppy'. 
The fun part is to customize them with your guy's favorite color or to go with your decor :) 
I love bright, hand-painted signs. 

To make the handprints, I traced both the kids hands on either side of the board. 
Little miss was on the right & little man went on the left.

After I traced them in pen, I went over them with the wood-carving tip that came with my dremel. 
Putting my  gift to good use :) 

I love, love, love how easy it is to use. 
I have another fun & way easy project to share using my dremel soon!! 

If you don't have access to a dremel, you can trace over the prints with a paint pen or even grab a wood-burning kit from Micheals to get a similar effect.

I love the dremel tip because it carves right into the wood and is super easy to control. 
Now, we have a permanent reminder of their little six-year old hands :) 

If you're doing multiple prints, be sure to mark on the back which side is which kid.
I think it'd be super cute to do a longer board & have handprints lined up along the side. 

After carving the handprints, I went over the whole sign with my sander to give a distressed look. 

Poppy has already been given his and it was a hit.
I think mimi was a little jealous so I'm keeping it in my back-pocket as next year's mother's day gift.
It'd be super cute to have a matching 'mimi' and 'poppy' sign, huh? 

Daddy is going to love seeing his kid's hands too :) 

What do you think?
It's traditional with a twist, which is right up my alley :) 
Hope this helped give some quick inspiration for you to get ready for Father's day!! 

Happy Wednesday everyone...halfway through the week- woot!! 

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