July 12, 2013

Black Chevron Dresser Transformation

this summer has been a furniture-filled summer so far. 
I'm not even playing. 

One of my big goals for this summer was to make a big dent in the pile of sad & beat-up pieces that have been living in my garage for the past year. 
Some were purchased, some were given & some were roadside rescues.

I have so many fun pieces to share with you over the next few weeks- I've really been trying to think outside the box with a few of them and have fun with their transformations :) 

And I've been pouring a lot of sweat (a lot!) and tears into them. 
I can't wait to share the ones I just finished this week but they're awaiting good weather so I can get pretty pictures :) 

So today I wanted to share a piece I did for a friend at the beginning of the summer. 
She had found a picture of a black & distressed chevron dresser that she loved and was wanting the same for her son's room.
We never did find the perfect sized one so we decided to go with Plan B and redo the dresser he already had. 

It was in great condition but she was just wanting a new look & for it to grow up a little with him.
Here's what we started with: 

It was definitely a fun piece to work on considering it was in such great condition. 
Usually my pieces need quite a bit more love to even get started. 

I know that this totally makes my readers who can't stand to see pretty wood get covered up cringe.
But it goes into my whole 'if you have a piece & don't love it, then do something to make you love it" philosophy.
It had great bones and exactly the storage she wanted, she just wanted a new look for it. 

All it needed to get started was a good sanding to roughen up the surface and get any residue off that had landed there over the years. 

I painted it a gorgeous glossy back from Sherwin Williams. I'm obsessed with their water-based enamel line. You get that gorgeous, glossy, hard finish with a much easier clean-up than with the oil-based enamel paints.
A little pricey, but so worth it. 

One of the things my friend really wanted was a chevron pattern on the front of the dresser. 
I kept the pattern just on the main front drawers, not extending them over to the taller side. 
I wanted it to be the focal point.
I used a pretty navy paint and sponge-painted it on. 
If you're going for a more distressed, aged look, don't be too liberal when sponging on the paint. It makes the perfect uneven finish. 

After painting the whole piece, I went over it with my little mouse sander to distress it up. 
We both love distressed pieces which makes me happy :)

I love how the whole pieces turned out. 
I think black always look so classy and the black/navy combo will be gorgeous in a boys room!

I finished it all off with a coat of furniture wax. 
I love the satin-y feel it gives the piece after it has dried. 
You just wipe it on, buff it and let it dry. 

The original knobs just got a coat of black paint as well. 
I lightly distressed them, then sprayed them with a coat of gloss enamel sealer. 

Of course, my favorite part of any furniture redo is sharing the side-by-side before & after pictures! 

Such a huge difference! 
Isn't it beautiful??

Do you like the black/navy combo? 

I sure hope you enjoyed it, there's lots more furniture transformations coming up so get ready!!!


For more fun furniture redos, check out my furniture gallery!!

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  1. Gorgeous! I adore it! I'm getting ready to tackle my sons' room and you have just given me A LOT to think about! I love this piece! And as for the naysayers about pretty wood... Well, I'm on board with you. If you don't love it, make it so you do! Beautiful job!

  2. absolutely beautiful!! I love the color choices~ another awesome job Kelsey!!

  3. What a gorgeous transformation! I love the colours and the chevron pattern and the distressing is perfect. I am inspired to get my tools out and work on my own furniture stash!

  4. yes i love the combo! good choice by doing chevrons only on the drawers, it looks awesome!!!

  5. I love the chevron! I just did this to my boys old locker! So cute!


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