July 18, 2013

DIY Initial Wood Carving

So I asked you guys a few days ago what you would rather see and I was actually somewhat surprised when there was a resounding answer for some fun wall art that would be perfect in the master bedroom :) 

It beat out a furniture before & after AND a way cute shower that I've been dying to post. 
Guess that shows what I know, huh? 

Soooo of course I'm going to share some fun wall art with you today!

Husby got me a dremel for my bday and it has been my favorite tool for the past few months.
I LOVE all the awesome things it can do, it's little but it can do almost anything! 

I was psyched to find out that it came with a wood carving tip and knew I had to find something to test it out with.

So I started with an awesome piece of wood I had in my stash- it was nice & thick with gorgeous grain. 
And I stained it in my favorite dark walnut.
This isn't the exact piece of wood but it gives you the idea of what we were working with: 

Now, since I'm not talented enough to actually use the dremel and take a picture at the same time, I found a picture for you that shows what I was doing (just it's someone else) 

I found my wood carving bit in my accessory kit (it's pictured being used above) and inserted it into the dremel. 

Warning, it's addictive guys! 
The bit slides effortlessly through the wood- I did a couple practice lines on the back just to get used to the feel of it. 
But it was amazing!

For my template, I laid chipboard letters & a heart shape on the board and traced around them with a marker.
Then I just used the dremel to trace those lines. 
I went slow & carefully to make sure it didn't just take off from under me and make a stray mark. 

I was soo excited when I finished and I had this: 

Isn't it beautiful??

I started with something simple for my first time and I LOVE how it turned out. 

I love the contrast of the light outline of the design against the dark walnut wood. 

I wanted to add a little something to the bottom for a little more texture so I decided on this: 

I tore a strip of linen and wrapped it around the bottom on top of a piece of frayed burlap. 
Then I tied a piece of bakers twine & twine together over that. 
Love the texture it gives. 

The whole project probably took a total of 20 minutes to do & that included trying to figure out the dremel & getting the bit on (it was my first time using it!) 
Dremel did NOT pay or ask for me to say how much I love my little dremel, I just really do :) 

Hubby does too- he's obsessed with all the different cutting tips it has. 
It also has sanding tips which I'm excited to try out too. 

I'm betting you could get a similar look with the inexpensive wood-burning kits from Hobby Lobby but probably not the same amount of contrast against the wood. 
But if you do happen to have a dremel or it's on your wish-list, it's definitely an amazing tool to have in your stash. The wood-carving tip came with mine in the accessory kit but they are cheap to buy if you don't have it. 

I added a hanger to the back & hung my little art piece in our bedroom. 
I love the natural & romantic feel it has. 
Sometimes simple is just perfect :) 

Sooo.... do you love it as much as I do? 

Hope you guys are having a great week!!


Wanting another fun idea for using your dremel? 
Check out the Father's Day signs I made using the dremel to jazz them up here

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  1. Super cute, and I love the little ties and stuff around the bottom :)

  2. Oh my gosh Kelsey I love it! So simple yet so cute! I may need to get a Dremel!

  3. This is so sweet! I love the fabric detail at the bottom. That's the perfect touch.

    I have a Dremel that I never use. I need to pull that sucker out!!

  4. This is SUPER cute. and who knew that the dremel has a wood carving tip. i bet i have one in my garage. i'm inspired now - i totally have some great wood lying around too. Thanks for the idea. and cute blog btw. new follower here!

  5. This is so cute! I've heard lots of good things about the Dremel, so I think it's something I'll have to ask for as a gift in the future!

    Steph :)

  6. I think this is super cute. It would make such a cute engagement gift . Thanks for sharing

  7. Such a cute piece of decor and art! Very creative. Wonderful job!

  8. Looks like you have a steady hand! Love the little fabric ribbon accent :)

  9. This is adorable! I'd love if you'd link up to The DIY'ers:

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