July 25, 2013

Sweet & Simple Wooden Necklace Tutorial

I'm starting to see signs for school supply sales & school uniforms! 
Ahh! Where has summer gone??

I'm not ready for it to be over quite yet & it's slipping away incredibly fast. 
We went to movies at the park last night which was amazing. 
We had perfect weather for it and little man loved it! 

I wanted to pop in between all our summer fun and share a quick & easy fashion post with you!!

What?? Me? Fashion?
Every now and then :)

Remember last year when I shared my first ever jewelry post
Well I'm back with another cute necklace idea!

Wanna see? 

Isn't it cute??
I'm obsessed with necklaces.
They are my favorite accessory and I can never have enough of them! 

And this one is so easy you can make it in a matter of minutes!

Wooden Beads from Hobby Lobby (2 sizes) 
White Rope (Hobby Lobby) 
Black Enamel Paint
Painters Tape

Seriously, that's it.
And the awesome thing is that you could make several necklaces from the supplies you buy.
It'd be a fun project to do with a friend or even your little girls! 

The steps are super easy. 

1. Cut the length of rope you want your necklace to be. Be sure to leave a little more at the end than you want so you can tie a knot or add a clasp. I made mine long enough to just slip over my head. 

2. Add beads to the rope. I added smaller beads on the outsides leading to larger beads in the middle. 

3. Paint desired amount of beads.
This is the fun part. 
I painted just three of mine. And only half of two of them to give a fun effect.
But you could do more or add different colors in. 
I just wrapped painters tape around the halves I didn't want painted, let them dry and then added them onto my necklace.

4. Tie a knot & wear your fun new accessory!!

I mean, can you believe how simple it is? 
It makes me want to go make a few more :) 

I love the simplicity and neutrality of it. It goes with nearly everything and adds a fun pop of interest to my outfits! And the beads are very light so it's not heavy at all. 

And the possibilities are endless! 
You could do different color combinations, add in different beads, cover them in washi tape, and all kinds of other fun things! 

What do you think?
Need a few more cute necklaces in your life??

If you're like me, the answer to that is never no :) 

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