July 15, 2013

Sweet Summer Sign

I have been so enjoying soaking up this summer so far. 
I can't believe we're already halfway though July.

Or more likely, I really don't want to believe it :) 

This has been my first extended time off during the summer in several years and I am. loving. it. 

Check out my cute little summer sign I made just because I love it so much. 

Isn't it fun? 
I don't usually change my mantel around more than three times a year (christmas, fall, spring) but I've been having way too much fun playing with it this summer so there may be a summer version coming soon :) 

Remember my fourth of July mantle I shared not long ago?
Well, I had to change it up just a little to last the rest of the sun-filled days :) 

Here are five things I'm loving the most right now about lazy summer days: 

1. Sleeping in.
I can't tell you how nice it is to actually sleep in on a weekday. It is perfection. Totally amazing :) And I get to wake up to my little's faces which is the perfect way to start the day. 

2. Playing with my littles
I actually get to see my kiddos and play with them during the day. What an awesome thing! Little man was so excited my last day of clinicals so we could have mommy days! 

3. Being home when hubby gets off school
I love love love being home when he gets home. I get to run out and greet him and not feel so stressed about the mounds of homework and projects I usually have. Although now I get to help him get through his :) But I'd much rather help him study than me have to! 

4. Painting again!!
I didn't get to paint hardly at all the past six months during clinicals. I was so tired and exhausted and brain-dead when I got home that it was all I could do to eat dinner, snuggle with the kids and talk to hubby for a bit. Now I get to paint to my heart's content :) Which means more fun furniture eye candy for you!!

5. Seeing my friends!
I actually get to make plans with my friends which is so unheard of it's not funny. I have actually been able to catch up, swim & relax with them which is something I'm missed soooo much for, well, the past few years :) 

Are you guys enjoying soaking up summer as much as I am? 
I still have to pass my boards in August so study days aren't all gone but being home sure is nice :) 

Hope you guys are having an AMAZING summer!

I"ll be back later this week with another furniture redo- aren't you excited?? 

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  1. cute sign- i love it!!! i was wondering where some good places to thrift are. im in batesville, about an hour from little rock. i only get to little rock every few months and its about time again. i need to do a great thrift haul and maybe vintage clothing. any suggestions???

    1. I actually don't do a lot of thrifting in the Little Rock area. I mainly do my thrifting in the Conway/Greenbrier area or in Jacksonville which is about 20 minutes from Little Rock. If you're wanting to hit any of those areas, I can let you know of some awesome places to check out :)

    2. sure that would be awesome! im not necessarily looking to rehab big furniture pieces like you! lol but i love thrifting!

    3. Arkansas Peddlers is my absolute favorite place to go- it's in Greenbrier. If you follow Hwy 65 through Greenbrier there are lots of great places to stop at and treasure hunt :) In Jacksonville, there is a store called Oliver's Antiques & B&M Flea Market. They're both off Main St. Those are my three faves besides random Goodwills and Habitats :) Hope that helps a little!!!!


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