July 30, 2013

White & Blue Felt Initial Wreath

So the not fun thing about us both being in school right now is that hubby has to work weekends. 

So weekend nights can get lonely quick. 
But the kiddos always enjoy some mommy time before they head off to bed. This week little man was gone for the weekend so it was just me & little miss. 

I'm super blessed because little miss absolutely loves anything artsy. 
She begs to paint all the time and is always fiddling with my yarn and leftover fabric. 
So when I asked her if she wanted to have girls night and make a wreath with me I was met with a squeal-y 'yessss!'

I was going to let her help out with my wreath project but after thinking about it a bit I figured she would absolutely love to make her own.
Since she's miss independent and all. 

So hubby dropped us off at hobby lobby one afternoon & we picked out things for her wreath.
There was a lot of 'ok, well we need to pick just a couple colors' and 'we can't put feathers, sparkles AND leopard felt all on one thing' kind of conversations. 

But we eventually agreed on pinks, whites and blues. 
(On a random side note, you're going to DIE when you see some furniture I just painted for her someday room...seriously, soooo cute) 

Here's what we started with: 

Wreath form (I got her a 10 in one so it was a bit smaller...these take a while) 
White felt (we used 12 sheets) 
Blue ruffle ribbon
Pink Ruffle Ribbon
Straight pins (from the sewing section, we got a box of 450)
Fabric scissors
Wooden 'E'

First things first, cut out a million squares from your felt.
Okay, really you just cut up all 12 sheets you bought.
But sometimes it feels like a million. 
( sewing scissors could cut through three sheets at a time... it's awesome)

Cut all your squares and then get ready to sit for a while.
This is a great time to invite some girlfriends over and have fun drinks while laughing about the bachelorette... or if you're by yourself, you can just watch it while you work! 

Here's our mess we made while we worked... we had three wreaths going on. 

After you cut your squares, then you start pinning them onto your wreath.
I just fold them around my finger and the stick a pin through the end of it and stick it into the wreath. 
I always fill the wreath completely and then go back and fill in any spots that look like they could use a bit more 'fluff'' :) 

Little miss did this part almost all by herself! 
I was so proud because this part takes a looonggg time. 
We were sitting there a good two hours. 

Towards the end she ended up making a bunch of the pinned squares for me and I pinned them to the wreath. 
Good teamwork :)

And we ended up with the most gorgeous little girl wreath ever!!

She wanted to add her initial to it so we picked up a wooden 'e' and she painted it pink. 
I think that was her favorite part to do!

For a little added sweet touch, we stuck in a few pieces of the ruffled blue ribbon we had. 
Just in random places around the wreath to give it a splash of color. 

I made the hanger by using the pink ruffle ribbon and then tying a piece of the blue ribbon around it. 
I love how it twirls around the wreath and adds some more girliness :) 

I'm in love with how simple yet girly it is!! 
And have I told you yet that blues just go with anything?! 
I'm obsessed, I know :)

Little miss was super happy with how it turned out and incredibly proud of it too!! 
I think it was the perfect mommy/daughter craft night.
It'd be perfect for a get-together with friends too! 
Definitely makes pinning those squares on go by a lot faster if you have fun people around :) 

What do you think? 
Did little miss knock it out of the park? 

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  1. little miss is adorable and her wreath is so pretty! great job !! :)

  2. So, so cute...the wreath and little miss. What is it hanging on - 'cause that is gorgeous and I want to see the whole thing ;)

  3. awwww!!! i love it! its really pretty , she did a good job!!

  4. Can I just ask how big the squares are????
    It is going to be my first attempt so I want to get it right...Thank you.


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