August 05, 2013

Summer Seashell Art + A $200 Home Depot Giveaway!!!

Hey sweet friends!!
Happy monday :) 

Have I got a fun day for you!!

I'm super excited to share a fun project I've been working on plus share some other awesome bloggers & their amazing projects! 

Before I show you my fun little creation, let me let YOU in on the fun...

Me & eight other fabulous bloggers have teamed up with to bring you a chance to win a $200 gift card to Home Depot!! is a great site that shares a wide selection of digital coupon codes for both companies and brands. They are the largest provider of digital coupon codes on the web, including coupons for Home Depot!! 

Plus, we are each sharing an awesome summer travel-themed project using items we bought from Home Depot just to show you how awesome they are (in case you didn't already know!) 

As part of the giveaway, each of us were provided with a gift card to Home Depot to create a summer travel themed DIY project. 
I was super excited because we just got back from the beach a few weeks ago and I had the perfect beach project in mind. 

Check out this cuteness: 

Are you excited yet? 
My favorite thing about the beach is picking up seashells along the shore with the kids. 
We came home with a bucketful and I knew I didn't want them just sitting around collecting dust. 

I wanted them to be a little bit more meaningful.
Especially since it was our first family vacation together. 

And it's super easy!
It'd be a fun craft to do with the kids while at the beach one night too. 
We all know it rains there too :) 

*Seashells (gather your own on vacation!!) 
*Raw Boards (Home Depot) 
*Dark Walnut stain (Home Depot) 
*Paintbrush (make sure to get one meant for stain)
*Wood Carving Dremel Bit (Home Depot) 
*Hot Glue Gun

**I used my table saw to cut my boards to size but the nice people at Home Depot will cut them down for you if you ask!

The first thing I did was cut my boards to the size I wanted using my table saw. 
Then, I stained them with my favorite stain- dark walnut- before connecting them together in the back with a couple smaller pieces of wood. 

The hard part was creating the heart shape with the shells. 
It took a good 45 minutes to get it exactly the way I wanted. 
I got lucky with a few perfectly curved shells and broken sand dollars :) 
Then I used hot glue to adhere them down. 

I love all the variations of size and colors! 

My favorite part was using my dremel to carve the little saying 'simple pleasures' at the bottom'. 
I used the same wood carving tip as I did for my initial wood carving I shared last week. 

Home Depot carries both the Dremel tips & the Dremel itself.
Just in case you need some tips on what to spend that $200 on :) 
The Dremel is probably my favorite tool-- and they don't pay me to say that.
But they totally should cuz I'd rock the heck out of it. 

I mean, guys, you can carve words into wood. 
How cool is that?? 

I'm kind of obsessed with words. Always have been.
So the idea of being able to carve them effortlessly into wood has my head spinning all the time.
Love it :) 

Then you just get to sit back and admire your little beach away from home :) 
The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever and now whenever we look at it we can remember our fun trip! 

And now it's your turn to have a chance to create something amazing!! is allowing you the chance to win a $200 gift card to Home Depot!!
Just enter in the Rafflecopter Widget below & be sure to check out the other amazing bloggers that are participating for some awesome inspiration!!

{I was compensated with materials to use for creating a project but all opinions and ideas are 100% my own}

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  1. Love this project!! So creative and beautiful! Plus, now I really need to buy myself a Dremel!!

  2. That's my favorite sea shell art of all time. Now, a trip to the beach would be nice. No, really, I could even do this with my younger girls. Cute, cute!


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