September 19, 2013

Gorgeous & Glam Gold Pumpkins

I'm finally starting to dig into all my fall boxes and get the house looking cool & cozy :) 

I've got a fun birthday party for a cute seven year old girl coming up this weekend and some of my fall decor is getting used for that so not everything is out yet. 
I'm usually a 'decorate-all-in-one-day' type of girl so having things half out kinda drives me crazy.
But I keep telling myself it will be done soon. 

In preparation for the party & for my new obsession with gold decor, I decided to glitz up some pumpkins.

I'm obsessed with gold lately which I never would have guess I'd ever be.
I'm definitely usually a white-gold & silver girl. 
But I guess tastes change, huh? 

I mean check out how gorgeous these gold pumpkins turned out!!

Tell me you wouldn't be obsessed with gold either if these cuties were around. 
So I'm warning you now, if you get a hold of a can of gold spray-paint, nothing is safe!

And yes, these glam beauties started out as good ole' orange pumpkins...

For my fabric covered pumpkin, I cut strips of a gold sequin-y fabic and then pinned them onto the pumpkins. That way they're good for next year if I want them :) 

Just overlap the strips as you go around the pumpkin, securing with pins at the top and bottoms. 
I rolled a little flower rosette and pinned it near the stem too. 

I love how the millions of different looks fabric can offer. 
So go a little crazy if gold isn't your thing :) 

For my simple golden beauties, I used a can of Rustoleum Metallic Gold.
Love. this. stuff. 

It's the perfect shade of gold without being too brown or too orange. 
And has amazing coverage. 

The kids in the neighborhood think that the gold pumpkins are magical.
I think they look the part :) 

Luckily, my little 'porch' alcove is mostly covered so I'm not terribly worried about my fabric pumpkin getting ruined... but keep the weather in mind if you decide to stick your fabric covered pumpkins outdoors. 

Now aren't you dying to go glam up some pumpkins?? 

I've got a few more pretty pumpkins to share with you soon... so if you're not a gold person, maybe these will be more up your alley :) 

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  1. These are fabulous! I have too started loving gold things! Awesome idea!
    Stopping by from Inspire Me Please Link Party.



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