September 12, 2013

Our Love Story {Part 1|

So I'm going to interrupt all the leaf-falling, pumpkin gathering, beautiful weather-ing business and get a little serious today. 
Because it's just that time to do it :) 

Bloggy friends, you may remember that a little over a year I was going through a lot of heartache & struggling to deal with a lot of things. 
If you're new here, you can read a little about what was going on here

There were days that I just didn't understand why things were happening the way they were.
My heart was in pieces and I felt like I had done everything I could do to fight to keep things together. And yet everything was still falling apart. 
I felt like a failure. 
I pinned this image back then when I was still trying to get through each day hour by hour. 


I think I pinned it mostly out of hope.
Hope that it was true. 
A reminder that God has plans that we can't possibly conceive.
Because divorce does something to you. 
It makes you scared and insecure and wondering if trust is ever going to be real again.

But I can stand here today, a year later, and know that it is true.
All the pain, fear and heartache I was going through... God made sense out of it. 

I know it doesn't always happen quickly. Sometimes it's years before you see the big picture that God had been piecing together that entire time.
And sometimes you never really understand.
I was blessed, so incredibly blessed, with the amazing surprise that God had in store for me. 

Because while I was wondering when things were going to feel okay again, the greatest thing that could ever happen walked into my life...
and everything changed.

As sappy as that sounds, it's real life :) 
And I wanted to give you a little peek into our love story & how God turned some of the darkest days of my life into ones filled with sunshine & happiness. 

This guy, this guy is my amazing ray of sunshine that God brought me....

We are quickly approaching the one year mark of when my sweet guy walked back into my life and I thought it only fitting to take a few steps back and share a little of us with you guys. 


Let's scoot back a few years or two...

Five, no six now, years ago a good friend of mine had invited me and little man (who was around nine months old at the time) to come to her house for a fun get-together with a bunch of her & her husband's friends.

I had never been to her house before & I'm notoriously terrible with directions. 
I always second-guess myself when it comes to finding a new place, and honestly I can second-guess myself when trying to get to familiar places.
I'm wayyy too easily lost.

So it was no surprise that getting to her house was a fun adventure for me :) 
I pulled up to a house (that I was pretty sure was hers) and got little man out.

I walked up to the front door, knocked and then waited for someone to come.

And I was a little taken aback when an incredibly cute guy opened the door with a huge grin on his face. 
After overcoming my initial shock, I asked if this was my friend's house. 

His response was to give me a mischievous grin and say 'oh no, I think they actually live a few houses down'. 
I'm apparently incredibly gullible around cute people and started to apologize and walk away. 
Until he confesses that he was joking and to come on in. 

He (and I) could probably both say the cheesy 'we knew it from the moment we saw each other' line. And it would hold incredibly true. 
There wasn't a moment after that silly exchange that I didn't notice him. 

I should have known he'd be trouble from the get-go :) 

Fast-forward a bit, we were young. I was just starting college. We both had little babies we were raising. And life just didn't allow for that to be our time. 


We parted ways after a few short months of knowing each other and didn't see each other again for the next five years...

And to know what happens next, I guess you'll have to check back in :) 
Because it gets oh, so much better.  

Proverbs 19:21

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. God is good!

  2. happy almost one year! i am also on my second marriage and this weekend we will celebrate our one year!

  3. Waiting for "the rest of the story" and anxious to hear it!

  4. My 2nd marriage of 18 years ended with a horrendously ugly divorce. It's taken me a lot of time and faith to get through and get by. I found a wonderful saying somewhere that said, "Those memories you're torturing yourself with are only thoughts. Time to think about something else." I loved that.

    I'm financially ruined for the rest of my life, live in an uncompleted house, (just got heat after 4 years) and was obsolete in my field so I'm waitressing at 55. The ironic thing is *I* know where my money is coming from and going. The house is MINE. I find I love my job. I also find I'm so much better off than I was when my marriage ended it's insane. There is a plan and we must trust our faith.

    Sorry to go on. Just wanted to give you a Hell'ya!


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