September 03, 2013

Rosette & Felt Fall Wreath

Eek! It's September, guys!!!

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year and I couldn't be happier that pumpkins & fall colors are starting to appear everywhere. 
I'm hoping that Arkansas gets the message that it's fall soon and hurries up with crisp, yummy weather too :) 

I've already been in fall decor mode for the past couple weeks (I told you I was excited) and have so many fun projects to share with you!

But of course, you know I have to start things off with a new fall wreath.
Wreaths are at the very top of my favorite things to make & this one. Well, it's just my absolute favorite of them all. 
I'm talking gorgeous colors & textures and overall fall yumminess. 

Just you wait. 
You'll be swooning over it too. 

Don't want to wait until the end to see the fall fabulousness?? 
Ok, ok.
Check out the new, most beautiful wreath on the block.
Or on my front door :) 

Swoon, right?
I've been dying for fall to start so I could display this beauty on my door. 
It's been staying hidden away for the past month or so ready to make it's debut. 

Want to make one of your own? 
Here's what you need: 

*Wreath form of desired size
*Felt in desired color (I used a gorgeous oatmeal color) 
*Dressmaker pins (they have tiny heads and you can get a about 500 for around 3$)
*1/2 yard of lace 
*Ribbon in desired color (I used a gorgeous mustard rosette ribbon I found) 
*Accessories as desired (I used scraps of burlap and a cute flower pin)

Remember my  initial felt wreath I shared a few weeks ago that my little girl mostly made? 
My fall wreath was made that same night & with the same process. 

But for this wreath I wanted a little more texture to it so rather than doing the whole cut, fold, pin method all the way around, I wrapped my lace & rosette ribbon around it first for one section of the wreath.

Wrap your lace ribbon around a portion of the wreath form (as far up as you'd like) and then pin in place with a couple of your pins.
Do the same with the rosette ribbon, I made sure to overlap my ribbon onto my lace so there weren't any gaps to the wreath form. Pin your rosette ribbon into place too.

Now for the fun cut, fold & pinning process. You need to pin your oatmeal squares all around the wreath form. Fluff them out as you go and then go back and fill any gaps you see once it's filled. 

I went back after it was filled and added scraps of burlap into the wreath.
I love the added texture and warmth it gave. 

I also cute individual rosettes out from the ribbon and tucked them into some of the felt folds. A dab of hot glue kept them in place :) 

After my whole wreath was filled I pinned my cute little feather/fabric flower on the wreath where my felt and ribbon met. 

One you're done, sit back & admire your gorgeous new wreath. 
Something about the yellow against the brown tones totally captivates me. 
Love, love, love it. 

Doesn't it just scream fall to you? 
I'm so ready to deck my house out in yellows, golds and browns. 

Now if only my door were a beautiful blue like my little photo prop is :) 
Don't worry, I'll be sharing my little backdrop with you soon! 

Are you getting the itch to get your fall decor out yet? 

What do you think about my new fall wreath??

I'd love to hear your thoughts & if you're dying to keep up with the behind-the-scenes and catch an occasional sneak peek of what I'm up to, be sure to follow me on Instagram!!

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  1. I LOVE this wreath! Fall is my favorite time of the year ready for mother nature to get that memo :)

  2. Wow- this is seriously sooo pretty and very unique! I have pinned about a zillion fall wreath's lately and I think this is one of my faves ever! Pinning!! I would be thrilled if you have the chance to share this at our new mega-party Work it Wednesday - it goes live tomorrow morning at 7am PST. Each link will be shown on 4 blogs! The Happy Housie, The Blissful Bee, The Turquoise Home, and My Place for Taste:) Work it Wednesday. Hope to see ya there!

    - Krista @ the happy housie

  3. Hi. I was stopping by blogs in hopes of getting some help on a Martha Stewart Contest....I've been nominated and I was trying to get Votes to help Win...if you have time I would love to see you come by my blog, Vote and also enter in a giveaway for your support!! Your able to vote 6 times in a row daily until Sept. 13th!! I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks so much! Loving the wreath pretty!

  4. hi love the wreath will have to bookmark and try it later. Found you on girlish whims wednesday following on bloglovin I'm lorraine at

  5. This is gorgeous Kelsey!! I love the textured look!!

  6. This is just lovely - and your backdrop prop is, too! I was wondering if that was your front door! Love it all.

  7. Can you tell me what size felt squares you used? This is stunning!

    1. They were around 2 in x 2 in squares. But I didn't measure exactly :) I just cut strips from my felt and then cut the squares from that. So they varied a bit but it gives it great texture!

  8. This is WAY cute! I have made felt wreaths with circles cut from felt, and my Mom made wreaths with squares cut from fabric (instead of felt) years ago but I had forgotten all about that method. I am in love with these! This has motivated me to get up from pinning and to start making. LOL. I even have all the supplies on hand, so no excuse for putting it off. BTW, thank you for NOT saying how the yellow rosettes "added a pop of color." That phrase "pop of color" is so over used. LOL. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us. I printed out a couple of your printables. :-) So much talent!

    1. Thank you! This is still my most favorite wreath I've done so far! And I'm glad you caught me on a post where I didn't use that phrase- definitely guilty of using it every now and then :/ So happy you loved the wreath!! Send me pictures of your finished project- I'd love to see it!!


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