September 16, 2013

Sweet & Rustic Wall Art

My house isn't decorated for fall yet :/
And not because I'm not dying to get to it. 

I have all my boxes down and great just hasn't happened yet. 
I spent all weekend at the most amazing women's conference at church and this week I'm in full party mode since our little girl turned seven yesterday!
I can't wait to show you all things party soon :) 

In the meantime, I have pumpkins just piled by my door ready to be made into some kind of fabulous porch decor. 
And boxes of fall decor living right next to my garage door. So I'm literally hit in the face with them every time I walk out to the garage. 
Just keeping it real. 

So because I don't have a an amazing fall decor post to share.... and I haven't had a chance to write the second part of our love story... I wanted to share a sweet piece of wall art I made for my hubby. 

Yesterday was our anniversary... not of being married...but of finding each other again through some impossible circumstances. 
See? Don't you want part 2 to get here soon??

We found each other again a year ago yesterday and haven't been apart since. 
So we celebrated with a yummy dinner last night and I gave him this...

I'm pretty sure I saw the saying on Pinterest somewhere (where else?) and knew it was perfect for our first year together. 
And it was super easy to put together. 

I started with one of these gorgeous weathered wood planks I got for graduation (Yes, my friends know me well) 

Once they are sanded down, the always have the most gorgeous grain to them. I swear I could never get tired of looking at them. 

I gave it a good sanding and then pulled out my new favorite toy: 

This was a graduation present too. And I'm obsessed with all it can do. 
I really wanted a hand-painted look so I used the Silhouette to cut my words out and then weeded the vinyl words off so I had the negative portion of the vinyl.

I applied that to my board and painted the words on in an acrylic white. 

Once they were on, I hand-painted a couple of arrows at each end of the saying with some black paint. 
I had first painted them in gold but you could barely see it on the weathered wood so I went back over it in black.
When I distressed it, the gold peeked out a bit which was perfect.

Funny story, I apparently can't read (or count) and totally did the whole thing and then realized it only said 'three hundred and sixty days'. I was so sad because it looked so good!!

I contemplated just leaving it and hoping hubby wouldn't notice (or care that he wasn't the best part of my day for five days) but I ended up getting brave and taking my sander to the sixty and fit 'sixty-five' in there.

The beauty of distressing pieces is that the light-colored part of the wood where I sanded the heck out of it just adds to the character of it :) 

Hubby loved it when I gave it to him last night. 
He then asked if next year I was going to make one that said 'seven hundred and thirty' on it and I told him this was a one-time thing :) 

But every word is true! I'm so happy to have had him in my life for the past year and look forward to many, many more!!

I'm off to start decorating some pumpkins (they're going to look sooo cute) and try to clean my garage so that my fall boxes dont' actually try to kill me. 
Happy Monday, friends!!!

And if you just can't wait to see some fall decor, you can check out some of my projects from my many fun things!!

and some other gorgeous fall projects...

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  1. Oh! You’re so sweet. I am pretty sure your hubby really loves it. And since it is especially made for him, he surely feels so loved.


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