October 21, 2013

Chevron & Pumpkin Outdoor Fall Sign

Even though I feel that the stores & ads are all wanting to push us towards Christmas already, my mind is still fully in Fall. 

I'm just not ready to exchange my pumpkins and fall colors in for christmas trees & jingle bells quite yet. 

So I hope you're okay with me sharing a little bit more of fall with you this week :)

We've been working on a lot of cleaning/organizing projects around the house lately as we try to get the house ready for some changes we are wanting to make around here.
The kids room is high on the priority list as it's never been what I've wanted (and known) it could be.
So that's what takes up all my weekend & spare time. 

My new job wears the heck out of me during the week and although I love it to pieces, I'm exhausted at the end of the day and have to really plan in order to get my blog out during the week. 
So my facebook/instagram/pinterest posts are taking a hit lately. 
Don't hate me for it, kay? 

Back before I got all my indoor fall decor out, I decided to 'fallify' my front yard area we have. 
Remember when I shared how I updated our little outdoor space for the summer?
Well it only took a couple tiny touches to cozy it up for fall weather. 

See I told you? 
Quick & simple...meaning a cute fall sign to replace the spring one & a few pumpkins thrown in :) 

I shared my easy gold pumpkins with you a couple weeks ago here & I re-used most of my gold ones from our little girls princess pumpkin party to decorate around the house with. 

I've changed the table decor around a few times & my gold pumpkins have actually recently been relocated for some pretty door decor... but they were fun here for a little bit :) 

The fall sign itself was simple to make. I wanted something to replace the spring/summer sign I had up but didn't want to have to dismantle that one. 

I also needed to make one without spending a cent. 
That's always a fun challenge, huh? 

I always have scraps of wood lying around so I grabbed one of the sheets I had and decided to use my spring sign as the template for my new 'frame'. 
I simply laid the sign onto my wood and trace around it.

Then I used my drill to drill a hole in the middle of the frame so I could cut out the opening with my jigsaw.
I also used the jigsaw to cut the outside of the frame too.
Have I told you how much I love my jigsaw?
It's hands-down my favorite tool to use (besides my dremel). 
Arg. Powertools make me feel awesome :) 

After cutting out my frame I spraypainted it in my new color love- gold. 
I love that it's neutral/glam/rustic all at the same time. 

My pumpkin is just a cheapy one I had from last fall...I used my jigsaw to cut it in half.
Poor pumpkin.
But it lives a much happier life now than it would have just being stuck in my fall box because it was ugly...
I tacked strips of white felt around it and then hot-glued it to the orange chevron fabric that I stapled to the back of my frame. 

Then I whipped up a mini 'fall' bunting banner to string across the top out of burlap and chipboard letters. 

The sign definitely brought the cozy fall 'feel' that I wanted to bring to my little space.
I'm lucky because our roof-line extends a little past the walls so my sign sits under that overhang and is protected from most of the elements.
Just be careful with what you use on an outdoor sign if it's not somewhat protected from wind & rain. 

Have you done anything to bring a little fall to your front porch? 

Hope you guys have a Happy Monday!!! 

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  1. that looks great!!! and i agree- ITS TOO EARLY FOR XMAS !!! gezzz, stores are so worried about making a profit, they are pushing thru the holidays too fast!!! i hate that!!!


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