October 14, 2013

Colorful DIY Halloween Mantel

So first off, 
I'm going to admit that I'm not much of a Halloween person. 
We never did it growing up because my mom didn't like it.
And nope, not scarred from it :) 

We went to a lot of harvest festivals when I was little.

But me & hubby do take the kids trick-or-treating and I have gotten into letting them dress up.
As long as it's nothing evil.
That's our rule. 

And I've really never gotten into Halloween decor.
Cuz it's just not me. 
I'm not a big scary and dark colors person.
I'd much rather keep my pumpkins &  layers of gold out :)

Butttt, when a friend asked me to make her a bunch of Halloween signs, 
I kinda loved it. 
It's fun to make something new & something you're not used to. 

So I did a little switch-around with my mantel and created a Halloween mantel out of the signs I made for her... just to show them off.

Check out our little photoshoot...

It still has the bright colors and an element of fun to it, I just couldn't go all dark & scary. 
I pulled things from my own fall decor & things from around the house to accent all the fun signs I made. 

I've gotta admit, I love how my 'haunted house' sign turned out!!
It's so perfectly spooky & hubby is trying to talk me into making another one for us. 

It's made from an old cabinet door & then layers of paint with help from my Silhouette for the fabulous wording. 
I gave it a good distressing with my sander and called the haunted sign done. 

I set a handmade crate up on the side of the mantel and accented it with some glittery pumpkins & a mason jar filled with wheat.

You'll be seeing more of that crate soon...

And of course my favorite scale had to make it's way in there somewhere. 

I brought out my painted cabinet doors for the backdrop. 
I love having them hang around so I can pull them out whenever I need a pop of something awesome & distressed :) 

And remember my yarn & feather wreath
It made an appearance too :) 

Along with her signs, my friend asked me for a halloween banner.
So I whipped one up with burlap & some glittery letters. 

We left the mantel like this for a day or two...
and hubby and the kids really liked it. 
I told them we should enjoy Halloween while it lasted in the house :) 

I will say that if I did do a Halloween mantel in the future,
it would look a lot like this :)
I love all the bright orange mixed in with different patterns & textures.
And of course, a little glittery goodness mixed in. 

The 'boo' sign was super easy to make with a painted board and some scrapbook paper! 

I love seeing signs come together because they can be anything you want them to be :) 
I took a pile of old boards & unfinished pieces and brought them all together to create some fun & colorful pieces!

Check out what they looked like before: 

There was a lot of painting, a little cutting, striping, gluing & arranging and I had some awesome signs for a fun Halloween set-up!!

What do you think of my first-ever go at Halloween decor? 

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  1. Super cute, Kelsey! We always decorate for Halloween here, but we go for "cute and fun" instead of scary too. I love your signs!

  2. Leave it to Kelsey to make a cute and classy Halloween display. Super cute and super talented!

  3. i love this!!! and i love decorating for halloween!!! however, we had a house fire in april and i lost everything. and we just bought a new house and have been painting, flooring, cleaning and i have zero extra time and zero energy for decorating. :( and i dont like it!!

  4. I love this mantel and I featured your mantel on a Halloween Mantel round up on my blog! You did a fabulous job and I wanted to share it with my readers!

  5. looks great- you should keep it up and make new signs for the friend.


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