October 10, 2013

DIY Candlesticks from Salvaged Banisters

We've almost made it to the end of another week!!
That's an accomplishment for me because it's my second full week of work and I'm finally starting to settle into a routine that I love!!

I broke away from sharing some more fall mantle projects by sharing my pumpkin princess fall party the other day!!
If you haven't had a chance to check it out, I'd love for you to pop over and see all the fun we had for my daughter's bday!
Lots of gold, glam & pumpkins!!

But I'm back with another awesome DIY project that I created for my fall mantel display
These are special to me because I created them using some materials I salvaged when my parents remodeled their house.

See the gorgeous tall candlesticks on either side of my mantel? 

When I was designing my fall display in my head, I knew I wanted something tall on either end to ground out the gorgeousness I knew would be in the middle. 

That's where these guys came in: 

And yes, you can call me a hoarder :) 
But when projects like these happen, you can't blame me for keeping things for 'someday'. 

I swiped these banisters when my parents were remodeling and these guys had to come out.
I knew they'd work for something fun someday and I almost threw them out twice!!
But I'm so glad I didn't! 

So here we go, I'm going to share the transformation from taking some old banisters and making them into some gorgeous DIY candlesticks!

First things first,
I used my table saw to cut each banister to the length that I wanted them to be. 
I wanted a set of three on each side that were staggered in height. 

After making my cuts, I found some scrap pieces of wood for my bases and screwed each banister into the 'base' piece of wood. 

Then I had to figure out what would be my top piece. 
I found some round pieces of wood that would work well and then I stumbled on some awesome wood slices I had stored (there's that hoarder part coming out again). 
They were p.e.r.f.e.c.t. for what I wanted!!

I went ahead and screwed the round wood pieces in but left my wood slices off.
I didn't want to paint those :) 

I was super excited about how they were all coming together!
Sometimes I just do projects on a whim and don't always have a full plan in mind going in,
that was the deal with these guys.

After they were assembled, it was time for paint!
Paint makes everything come together :) 

I sprayed them with a glossy white first because I wanted a layered paint look and wanted the white to come out from underneath when I distressed them. 

After the white dried, I sprayed them down with a beautiful light-colored blue (can't remember the name!). 
I didn't want perfect coverage so I didn't try very hard :) 

After the blue, it was time to distress them!!
I took a fine sanding pad to them to bring out the layers of white & natural wood underneath.
Then I rubbed on some gold rub-n-buff to give them a little shimmer & shine. 

And they were ready for display!!!

Aren't they gorgeous? 
I love love love how they turned out!!

I topped them with some cute ruffle pumpkins but I can just imagine pretty candles or birds perched on them too :)

I love how things can piece together to create something so fun.
Check out the before & after to see the difference that paint can make!!

Are you in love with my banister candlesticks too? 
I still have a handful of those banisters left waiting for another great idea!!

Hope you guys are having an awesome week!!
If you'd like to check out some more of my mantle projects, click on the links below: 

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