October 16, 2013

DIY Pallet Wood Crate

Remember when I shared my quick Halloween mantel & I told you that I'd be sharing more about that handmade crate that was up there?
Well, today is that day friends! 

My same friend that wanted some handmade Halloween signs also asked if I could make a rustic magazine rack.

So of course I turned to the best kind of wood ever...

Pallet wood!!

Why am I so obsessed with this stuff?
Probably because it's just plain awesome.

I don't have a tutorial for you...sadddd.
But I do have pretty pictures of what I made with it...

Isn't it amazing what a pile of wood can become? 
I basically just made my measurements based on the magazines I had around. 
I put one piece in front to keep them from sliding out. 

I love how the wood looks once it's sanded down.
It goes from prickly & orange to soft & the perfect grey-brown color. 

I used my air-compressor to piece it all together.
It took all of five minutes once the wood was cut. 

I love it as a magazine rack but for my mantel I wanted to use it more as a small crate.
It could be cute for so many different things!!

If you didn't add the piece in the front, it would be the cutest looking apple crate ever. 
Fill it with pumpkins & acorns... ah the cuteness!!

But for now it houses some of my favorite magazines :) 
Love a project that ends up with tons of uses. 

And yes, I made one for her and one for myself.
I couldn't resist the cuteness, could you have?? 

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  1. This is great, I love it when you can reuse wood to create something fantastic ~ Lisa


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