October 03, 2013

Hardware Store Mini Pumpkins

So I shared a fun project over at the fabulous Mine for the Making a couple weeks ago and wanted to share it over here with all my lovely readers too :) 
Just in case you missed the cuteness. 

So if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, here are my way cute hardware pumpkins that are perfect to break out for a fun family craft!!! 


So because I've had the fall 'bug' over here, I broke out a fun little pumpkin craft to do with the family!!
Who can resist pumpkins, right???

So check out these cuties: 

Yup, those gorgeous little pumpkins are made from things you can find at a hardware store!! 
I can't take full credit as my seven year old is quickly becoming her own little DIY-er and spied these cute little bun feet in the lumber aisle.
She immediately saw them & told me they should be pumpkins! 
What do you think? 

Do you see pumpkins out of those little guys? 
I loved the idea so we snatched up four of them so we could each make one. 
(If you go looking, they were in the lumber aisle with all the furniture legs & appliques) 

The kiddos got to work designing their own little pumpkins...

Here's the run-down on supplies that you need: 
*Bun foot (we got ours at Lowes) 
*Paint (we used plain acrylic paints) 
*Foam  Brush
*Wire (I had a random spool but hardware stores have it too!!) 
*Needlenose pliers
*Hot Glue Gun
*Twine & fabric for leaves if desired. 

First step, paint your pumpkins in your desired colors.
We did three orange and one white (Guess which was my mine!!) 
They took several coats to get fully covered.

Once your pumpkins are painted, put a dot of hot glue right at the base of where the screw is. 
Stick one end of your twine into the glue and then twirl it around the screw to cover it. 
Put a dot of glue on the top & secure the end of the twine to it. 
Now you have a cute little covered stem!!!

To add the little 'vines', I used my wire and needlenose pliers to wrap the wire around a pencil.
This created a fun little spiral loop to add to the stem. 
Then just wrap it around the base of the screw a couple of times to secure. 

Little man & Little miss wanted to add leaves to the pumpkins so I cute a few leaf shapes out of burlap & fabric and then hot-glued them next to the 'stem'. 
They were super proud of their pumpkins!!!

I love how unique each of ours turned out!!
Hubby did the pretty orange one, little man did 'tiger stripes' and little miss did polka dots. 
I opted for a pretty white pumpkin :) 

To add polka dots, just dab a little bit of white paint onto the pumpkins with a round pouncer. Super easy & adds a really cute touch. 

Are you loving these cute little pumpkins?? 
It made for a great family craft night & now I have some more pumpkins to add to the fall craziness going on over here! 

It's amazing what can happen when you think a little outside the box.
I love it when something becomes something entirely new just by adding a bit of creativity!

Now make a break for your nearest hardware store & snatch up some bun feet :) 

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  1. that was a great idea!!! and i love the pic of both of them in process of painting! she like can't contain her smile and he is like- this is the verge of torture!!! hahaha and i know that's not the case bc he loves doing stuff like that. maybe its just bc you went all 'mom' on him w the camera!!! lol they are so stinkin cute!!!


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