October 23, 2013

Naturally Gorgeous Fall Wreath

If you guys hang around even just a little bit, then you know I have a slight obsession with wreaths. 
Ok, more like a full-blown obsession.
You can check out my ever-growing collection of them here

I told myself that I was good on fall wreaths this year and did not need to make anymore.
I failed miserably at that when I made my felt & rosette wreath and even more because I may have made another fall-ish wreath that I still haven't shared yet. 
Yup, I'm an addict. 

Which brings us to today's post. 
Because I made yet another one.
I couldn't help it.
I had an old wreath form basically begging to be made over.
And I found the cutest ribbon when I was out at Walmart that just needed to be used :) 

I also used a bunch of things that were just hanging around in my stash so it was partly a cleaning house project too. 
See how I turned that around? 

Check out my fun 'natural' fall wreath...

See? Wasn't it worth it to make yet another wreath? 

I had this old wicker wreath that I had used in a project before but it had been lying in the closet for a few months now... and needed a new look :) 
So I stripped it back down to it's wicker-ness and decided to play around with it. 

Here's what I grabbed: 

Wicker wreath form
Scrap pieces of burlap
Several rolls of ribbon (1$ each from Walmart) 
Scrap piece of weathered wood
Fall Printable (found here
Sticks (found in my yard) 
Gold Spraypaint
Hot Glue Gun

After wrapping my wreath form with strips of burlap, I cut my ribbon into small strips. 
I made a whole pile of each color I wanted to use. 

Then fold each loop over onto each other and secure with hot glue to make small ribbon 'loops'. 

I glued them in rows onto the wreath form, overlapping each of them just a little. 
I only did this for about a third of the wreath. 

To make the wood sign, I grabbed a piece of weathered wood from my stash and used tacks to secure a cute fall printable to it. 
Then I looped some black pom pom ribbon around it a couple times for extra texture :) 

After securing my sign to the wreath I felt like the top part was a little bare so I went on a hunt to find something to put there. 
I ended up using some sticks I literally found in the yard and spraypainted them gold. 
Easy peasy. 
I glued a couple more ribbon loops to them and then secured them directly onto the wreath with a little hot glue. 

I love all the natural colors working together and the pop of yellow against all of it!! 

I'm usually in the mood for a little more color on my front door but for some reason, this does the trick for me right now :) 

I think it sweetly says fall rather than screaming it :) 

Have you been on a fall wreath-making kick too? 

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