October 29, 2013

Rehabbed Monogrammed Stools

Guys, this month has just flown by.
At least for me it has.
I'm kinda floored by how quickly Christmas is coming and that November is just mere days away. 


I thought I'd take a break from halloween/fall/thanksgiving projects and give you a good 'ole furniture redo. 
Because hopefully you love them just as much as I do :)

I'm slowly but surely making a huge dent in my pile in the garage and am so happy about it.
We actually have room to walk in there. 
And store the kids bikes.
Yup, it's been a good month :) 

I found these way cute metal & wood stools at Goodwill a few months back and hubby went back and got them for me. 
Because he's awesome like that. 

Originally I had plans to paint them up and sell them but then we decided to redo the kids rooms and they became a part of that :) 
I can't wait to show you what plans I have for them but I love having good excuses to keep some of the fun finds that I get!!

First things first, they needed to come apart so they could start their transformation.
Hubby took them apart easily with a drill. 

I sanded the tops completely down to bare wood (yay!) and gave them a coat of dark walnut- my fave. 

The bases got a thorough cleaning (they were gross!!) and then a nice coat of white spraypaint to spruce up their old paint job. 

Then came the fun part.
I decided I wanted to add the kid's monograms on the tops so I printed out the design I wanted on my silhouette onto cardstock.
I used the negatives of the cardstock stencils to stencil on my monograms with white paint. 
It's totally fine if they're not perfect...not going for all that :) 

Because, of course, I had plans to distress them. 
I love that it gives it a worn, non-perfect feel to them which is exactly what I wanted.
I also love that the stain settled darker in some areas around the edges than others.

I love yummy, quick makeovers that don't have a lot of heartache and tears involved. 
And these stools were definitely quick & easy. 

And they turned out so ridiculously cute.
Sometimes I'm just so glad that some people don't see the potential in things so that I can snatch them up :) 

I can't wait to show you the plans I have for them and how they'll be used in their rooms!!
But there's still a ton to everything.
So don't hold your breath quite yet. 

Here's the before/after of these cute little stools...
sometimes it doesn't take much to amp up the awesome factor! 

What do you think?
Don't you love quick & awesome furniture makeovers too?
Found anything awesome at Goodwill lately??

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  1. I have to say, those look like things that would come out of Pottery Barn Kids or Restoration Hardware! You did such a great job!

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