October 01, 2013

Striped Mirror Makeover

Ok, so I'm back with a fun post for today after yesterday's serious one. 

I am!!
If you've already seen my Fall Mantel that I shared last week, then you know there were a bunch of DIY projects I promised I'd share soon!!

I've already shared the secret behind my mantel centerpiece, the awesome Shim Chalkboard. 
(and if you haven't read it yet to see what it started out as, you need to head over and find out-- it's pretty amazing!)

But today I wanted to share another DIY project that I did for the mantel that was super easy & made such a big impact. 

Check out my cute little striped mirror that made it's appearance on my 2013 fall mantel...

Isn't it gorgeous? 
It seriously only took about ten minutes to complete!! 

It started out as a plain, dusty old mirror that I had tucked away in my stash. 
I had plans to paint the frame but with my newfound love of gold, I decided to keep the gorgeous gold. 

I'm pretty sure I got it from Goodwill for just a couple dollars. 
After deciding to keep the gold frame as is, I wanted a little extra something added to it to help it stand out.

Cuz you know I can't just keep it a plain mirror :) 

I used painter's tape to tape off diagonal stripes going across the mirror. 
I was lucky and the mirror just had tabs in the back keeping it in. 
Some mirrors are built a lot sturdier and the glass is super hard to get out. 
Make sure to check the back of your mirror that you get to see if it will easily come out or not. 

I spray-painted my mirror with a glossy white and waited for it to dry.
This is the longest part :) 

But the best part is peeling the tape back to get those gorgeous, crisp lines. 

I mean, aren't they pretty up against that gold??
I took a piece of sandpaper and distressed a couple of the stripes to make it look a bit more aged. 
Because I apparently can't get enough of beat-up, old looking things :) 

I didn't want to paint over the original gold frame but I did want to age it a bit so it wasn't such a bright gold.
I took a little black glaze and rubbed it into the detailing around the frame and then rubbed enough off until it looked just right.
I love how it toned down the gold a bit while adding a little more dimension to it. 

I used it in my fall display but I think it'll be making appearances throughout the different seasons.  

I also used it at my daughter's party recently, which I can't wait to share pictures from!! 

What do you think? 
Would you add a few stripes to a mirror to jazz it up some? 

Hope you guys are having a great week, 
I'll be back soon to share my DIY secrets to my candlesticks that grace the fall mantel! 

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