November 11, 2013

Abandoned Dresser Drawer Makeover & My Fall Foyer

Happy Monday friends!!

I have a fun upcycle project for you guys today that started with an abandoned drawer that I found on the side of the road last spring.

It had been sitting in my garage for months before I finally got my hands on it to make it into what I had originally seen in my head when I first found it. 

Here's the drawer in all of it's rescued glory: 

A perfectly good drawer!! 
I'll admit that I had been looking for a drawer for a while before this one happened to appear on my street because I had been wanting to do this exact project. 
So I may not have picked it up otherwise :) 

But I love the unique drawer face it had and knew it was perfect for my idea. 

So first things first, I gave it a good sanding.
I was lucky and the drawer was entirely intact so no wood glue or clamping needed. 

After sanding, I taped some vertical stripes off with painters tape. 

And gave it a nice coat of gold spraypaint, my new obsession :) 

After the paint dried, I peeled away the tape to find perfectly crisp gold lines.

Lastly, I added some cute little casters that I picked up at a flea market to the underside. 

Check out the gorgeousness of the gold against the original wood color...

I mean, gorgeous right? 

I'll show you the full picture in a second but first let's talk about where I decided to put it :) 

I have this gorgeous table I keep in my foyer that my grandma had bought me several years ago before she passed away.
I love this table and I always have a blast decorating it for the seasons.
It's usually next in line after my mantel to get decorated, that's how important it is :) 

And I wanted to share it all decked out in fall colors before it changed over to Christmas...

Isn't it beautiful? 
I hardly ever show pictures of it's seasonal decor, mostly because I'm a bad blogger and forget. 
But I lurvvvee it. 

And there's my cute little caster drawer right under it :) 
I had been searching for the perfect drawer to go under my table for a while because I wanted a little extra 'sumthin under there for decor/storage. 

My felt & rosette fall wreath found it's home nestled on the mirror above my little table and serves as the centerpiece for everything. 

I love decorating in layers and my table is no exception.
I used books and wood slices to create different heights for my milk glass vases, pumpkins and my DIY cloche from forever ago. 

I got the glittery pumpkin from Michaels this year and you can find out more about  my favorite 'harvest' pumpkin sign here

Now, more about my little drawer :) 

I used twine and then braided to create a rope handle.
The drawer already had holes drilled in from it's previous hardware so I just tied my twine through that. 
Since it won't be used regularly, I'm not too worried about it falling apart :) 

I, of course, distressed the drawer a little after painting the stripes.
You know me. 
I love the natural wear on the drawer itself, adds to the character. 

I wanted it look collected & cozy so I threw in some blankets and pillows in layers. 
The blue chevron pillow is a cover from Hobby Lobby and the yellow pillow is one of my placemat pillows that I love so much. 
I think I got this placemat at Target a while ago. 

The blankets are a couple extras from around the house (I hoard them) but the white one is a baby blanket my mimi made for little man when he was a baby.
I like it staying nice & safe but still in plain view :) 

The vintage books are some of my favorite things ever.
They were brought back from my mimi's after she passed away and I have a huge box filled with them.
I think one of these dates back to the 1800's. Love. them. 

So there you have it.
Fall decor, gold stripes & a rescued drawer :) 

Who knew a trashed drawer could be so cute, huh??

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  1. Cutest fall display ever! By anyone! And next time you find a nasty drawer and make it incredible, you could just drop it off on my doorstep ;) (Oh, and don't think I didn't spy the headboard. So, so cute!)

  2. that drawer is a really great idea!! i love it!!!


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