November 04, 2013

Easy Gift Idea: Personalized Pillow Covers

I'm kind of in awe that November is already here. 
But totally ok with it too :)

Because that just means more hot chocolate & yummy food, christmas tree shopping and cold days. 
I'm excited.

There's always something magical when it starts getting cold outside.
Most likely because Arkansas waits forevver to get cold.
I love bundling up and hiding behind scarves and holding hubby's hand when it's chilly out. 
We trekked out to a local park this past saturday and it was just warm enough for the kids to have a blast throwing the football around with hubby but chilly enough for me to hide under a couple blankets and read my book. 

I'm behind on pictures and editing and all that.
But for some reason, I'm okay with that. 
I'm taking the time to settle into my new job and spend time with my family and that's ok with me right now. 

But I do have a fun & easy gift idea for those of you getting started on your handmade gifts. 
I made these over the summer and just love them!! 

I don't have step-by-step pictures which = bad blogger but they were easy!!

Here's what you need: 
*pillow cover (I made the linen one & bought the burlap one)
*Fabric paint pen (I used black)
*Chipboard letters/stencils/awesome handwriting

After getting/making my pillow covers, I used a frame I had to trace the scroll shape onto the pillow. 
Then I used various chipboard letters as stencils to write the name and 'est'. 
Just make sure whatever letters you're going to use will fit inside the shape you draw. 
Or go shapeless. It's your pillow :)

For the year, I printed out the numbers I needed onto white cardstock- that way I could make the sizes whatever I wanted to fill the space. 
I used those numbers to trace around onto the pillow. 

It really is that easy :) 

And you can either fold the pillow cover and tie with a pretty ribbon or splurge a bit more to get a pillow form to go inside. 
Hobby Lobby puts them half off a lot! 

Wouldn't they make such fun gifts?
And the sky is the limit when it comes to what they can say.
Have fun being creative :) 

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