November 14, 2013

Seasonal Felt & Sequin Wreath

It's been a hectic week around here with little man being a sick little guy all week. 
Makes for sleepless nights and crazy days. 

But I think we're getting through the worst of it (plus I get lots of cuddles!!) 
and I wanted to pop in and share a cute seasonal wreath with you guys before the end of the week hit and I forgot :/

Because...I may have a confession.

Maybe, just maybe, you might be seeing a little Christmas around here next week.
I have a few printables, a fun giveaway and some christmas-y DIY's that I've been working on lately so get ready to dive in to Christmas with me next week!!!
I'm excited, are you?! 

I call this a 'seasonal' wreath because I think it can be a little fall and a little Christmas. 
So it'll be staying up throughout the christmas season which is saying a lot for decor around here :) 

Isn't it just gorgeo-mous? 

If you are looking for an easy, low-cost way to add some glam to your holidays, this is your ticket. 

It literally took me about 15 minutes from start-to-finish (maybe less) and cost less than 10$ to make. 
Even cheaper if you hoard felt like I do and can use some from your stash :) 

Let's get to the nitty-gritty. 

Wreath form (use your Hobby Lobby coupons!!) 
White felt (this took about 3-4 sheets)
Sequin trim (I got a yard) 
Sewing pins (you'll use a tiny bit of the box you buy) 

First things first, 
cut all that pretty white felt into strips. 
This takes the longest and really, it's not that long.
It sure beats a million squares or circles. 

Once they are all cut, start pinning them onto your wreath form.
I wrapped them around until they met in the back and used one pin to pin them to the form.
Overlap them as you go to make that pretty layered effect. 

Once it's filled with the white felt, take your awesome sequin trim and literally wrap it around, making sure to overlap it over itself enough to cover the white and then pin in the back.

Easy peasy. 

I cut a few more white felt squares (sorry, couldn't escape them!) 
and folded them into little ruffles and pinned them where the sequins and felt met just for a little more oomph.

But if you want to simplify things even more, don't do it :) 

Lastly, pin a pretty ribbon at the top for hanging and call it done! 
I love the simplicity and soft glam of this little wreath. 

And since gold is my new little huge obsession, 
this wreath will be rocking it in my Christmas decor too. 
But it also fit right in with all my fall items too. 

Yay for dual purposes and gold :) 

Hope you guys have a great weekend & I'll be seeing you next week with all kinds of fun!!

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