December 09, 2013

Holiday HomeTour 2013

I've been dying to get this post up for a few weeks now!!
But you know how it goes... I didn't actually get everything up the way that I wanted to until this past weekend. 
Cuz of life and stuff :) 

But these hometour posts are some of my absolute favorites to go & visit this time of year...I love seeing how everyone decorates for Christmas!!
So I really wanted to put together one for you guys this year showing more than just my mantel!
Hope you're ok with that :) 

So here goes... my very first Holiday HomeTour!

I have a super hard time deciding what to put in our front entryway because it's so small & awkward... and it'll never be picture perfect the way that I want...but it's ours and that's what matters, right? 

I wanted something to fill the space next to our entryway so my new chalkboard fit the bill perfectly. I swagged a cheap garland and some burlap ribbon around it and it was perfect. 

I filled the doorway with garland and mesh and added some adorable clothespin snowflakes. 
(You can find the tutorial for the snowflakes here on one of my fave blogs!) 
I wish I could make the mesh/greenery fuller but my doorway is so small that I have to keep it on the smaller side so the door can open and close :) 

My little 'joy' pillow literally took me about 5 minutes to make.
I'm totally up for making a tutorial if you want one! 

I'm in love with the colors in this photo... I love the rustic simplicity to it.
I hung a few ornaments from my DIY address sign & my gorgeous poinsettia was a gift from one of my sweet patients :) 

I plopped a few fake mini trees into my planter box that had the perfect amount of ice strewn on them from our recent ice storm over here. 
I added a painted red frame over the table with a gold star for some glam :) 

As we head inside, the first thing you'll see is my foyer table. 
You guys got your first glimpse of it decorated for fall & it's looking beautiful for Christmas with aquas and reds. 

I love putting my framed subway art out each year and I just changed out my fall wreath for my Christmas candycane wreath I made a couple years ago. 

And I absolutely love having a framed picture of the kids pulling our tree last year. 
It made me smile when I pulled it out of the box. 

You guys have no idea how in love with this giant reclaimed wood snowflake I am. 
Hubby made it for me a few weeks ago and gave it to me as an early Christmas gift. 

He knows the way to my heart!!
I literally squealed in delight when he gave it to me & it hangs proudly above our tv on our striped wall. I had a horrible time getting pictures of it though.
Apparently that wall lives in a light blackhole. Haha. 

And you know that I can't share my house without a glimpse of the mantel. 
Now, I know you're dying to see the whole thing but it deserves a post of it's own so it'll be up in a couple days. Promise!!

But it's layered in reds, golds and whites & sure to be worth the wait!! 
If you can't stand waiting, you can check out last year's mantel to ease up the pain a bit :) 

I will share the back living room's mantel with you.
I rarely ever share pics of this one & I'm not sure why.
It is a LOT harder to photograph but usually it gets remnants of past year's mantel pieces on it. 

Last year's 'JOY' centerpiece became the star and I flanked it with some other fun Christmas goodies. 

I love my vintage Coca Cola crate and didn't feel like putting it up (I mean, it's red, it goes, right?) So I added some ornament balls and propped up some vintage address tiles against it. 

I still love my 'joy to the world' rustic sign that I made forever ago & it found itself perched on the coffee table in the back living room. 

When hubby tore apart a pallet a few months back, I kept the scraps that caught my eye and the piece that the sign is sitting on is one of those. I have no idea why I love the things I do...

A couple fun vignettes scatter through the dining room & living room. 
Ornaments make everything look merrier, don't they? 
My reindeer & nativity scene were both random store finds a few years ago. 

I loved adding some pops of gold into the decor throughout the house. 
I'm usually a silver person and I couldn't justify all new things to satisfy my gold cravings so I just added a few here & there.

I'll be sharing more about my little gold mirror soon... I loved it surrounded by pinecones & christmas trees on top of the china cabinet though. 
Simple & wonderful. 

I kept the dining room soft with splashes of red & blue. 
The table centerpiece consisted of two wood slices, a couple trees & my christmas blocks from years ago. 

I love love love this room.
And I can't wait to share it's full makeover story with you soon. 

I added some christmas printables to a fun piece that hangs in the dining room. 
(Details soon) 
I still need to add some Christmas family pictures but we hadn't had them taken when I filled this so that's still in progress :) 

You can find the prints I used here & here

And of course, the Christmas tree is up & glowing. 
I have horrible times getting great pictures of it because it's in an awkward area of the living room but this is how I like it best anyways. 

We always put up a live tree & fill it with family ornaments. 
I love all the gorgeous trees out in blogland but I don't think I could ever not have our sentimental family ornaments up. So here they stay for another year :) 

Some more ornament balls, another clothespin snowflake & a wood slice created a simply lovely vignette on my round table. 
Love all the natural elements mixed with milk glass & glitter :) 

And last but not least, the kids Christmas tree.
This was our first year putting up this little fake tree & I love love love it. 

It was the first Christmas thing we put up this year & the kids loved hanging their pink & green ornaments up. 
It was fun starting a new tradition as a new family and it created such a Christmas feel in their room. 
There is just something about kids & Christmas that make it so magical. 

And that, my friends, is our home for the holidays.
What do you think of our little Christmas home? 

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  1. Absolutely perfect, I love it all so hard to pick what I like more. The colors and the wood makes it so warm and cozy

  2. yeah!!!! i love it!! im digging all the wood elements, but you balance w bright colors and glittery things! it looks beautiful!!

  3. Thank you for this home tour. You have beautiful house. It's feel like I'm visiting your house right now.

    Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

    Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.
    By the way, I'm Clotee. It's my first time visiting your blog. I am blogger too, and now try my best luck to open an e-shop. Nice to know you.



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