December 24, 2013

Last-Minute Easy Christmas Garland

I know, I know, 
squeezing in one last Christmas Project into today!

But, if you're like me at all, you have several Christmas posts to put up and haven't had enough time to sit down & get them up.
Or is that just me? 
I just know that last year I didn't get them all up and they've been sitting in my 'to blog' folder all year long.Ugh.

So I had to get this one up.
And it's a project I did last week, not last year.
Pretty sure those are still in the 'to blog' folder. haha. 

I wanted a quick something-something to spruce up the kids bathroom for christmas.
It already had pops of red amongst it's usual blues & yellows but it just was begging for something.

So I snagged some extra Christmas fabric I had and went to town...

Isn't it so perfectly festive? 

I mean, add in yellow ducks & shampoo and we're good, right? 

I'm kinda obsessed with rag garlands- they are so fun to do while just watching your favorite tv show.
one of those mindless but fun projects :) 

I used scraps of red chevron, burlap, linen & polka dot ribbon. 
Just grab a piece of twine the length you want the garland to be and tie your strips on. 
Easy peasy!

I tied on some cute glittery reindeer from the Dollar Store along the garland too for a little extra fun. 

Hang it up over a mirror, along a shelf, over a headboard...on the mantel :) 
Wherever you're wanting a little more Christmas glam. 

And don't forget some cute prancing reindeer.
Because they're a necessity of course :) 

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  1. Love it Kelsey! I've got to try making one of your rag garlands. They're always so cute. I'm thinking a Valentine's Day garland. Hmmm...I'm feeling a trip to Hobby Lobby coming on! :)


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