January 01, 2014

{Top 13 Projects of 2013}

How has 2014 been for you guys so far? 
All 12+ hours of it anyways :) 

Mine has started off with a nasty cold that has me laid up in bed.
Not how I wanted to start off the New Year but I'm thinking I'll just get it out of the way and start fresh, right??

I am somewhat sad to see 2013 end... because it sure held a lot of amazing memories & events.
I married the most amazing man in the world, graduated with my Master's in OT, got my dream job, and watched hubby rock it through LPN school. We also announced on Christmas Day that we starting a brand new adventure...with a sweet new baby on the way!!

So 2014 is looking pretty exciting to us too!! 
We are the over the moon excited about it & I can't wait to share all kinds of baby ideas & DIY's. 
We spent the whole weekend redoing the kid's room to make it how I've always envisioned it. So that'll be coming up soon :) 

But first...before any new DIY's start up...
I wanted to take a quick look back at all the fun I've had on Tattered & Inked this past year. 
It's not just been a fabulous year for me personally...but I really did a lot of fun things to the house, threw some amazing parties & made lots of new friends! 

So here's to looking back on the top 13 Projects of Tattered and Inked from 2013!!

Since 2013 started off with me marrying my best friend, there were a lot of DIY wedding projects going on at the beginning of the year. This sign was definitely my favorite project though.I can't wait to show you the big reveal on where it turned up :) 

One of the first home projects hubby helped me take on was a quick & easy living room update. I decided on a whim to glam up an accent wall we had and it made a huge impact! 

One of my favorite things to share on the blog are free prints and these were a hit! It was the 2nd year of sharing a week of printables for Valentine's Day and this one was by far the most meaningful to me :) 

This dress has to be my favorite of all my furniture makeovers to date. I'm in love with the fresh, vibrant greens and it even inspired me to redo my own piece in the same colors for our house. You'll be seeing that one soon! 

2013 also brought in new crafting territory with my new Silhouette. This was my first project using my new machine and I couldn't have been happier with how simple & easy it was to glam up my electronics :) And everything is cuter with a monogram, right? 

Another favorite furniture redo was this pair of gorgeous chairs. It was incredibly hard to have to give them up but they were such a fun project to complete!

A small project but still a favorite. I said that 2013 was full of new crafting adventures and this one shows off the handiwork of another favorite tool I got this past year- my Dremel! I love the simplicity of this project and it makes me smile everytime I see it :) 

I definitely kept up the fun with creating fun birthday parties again this year! It's one of my favorite things to do to create fun memories for the kids each year. Little man requested a candy shoppe themed party and we had a blast putting it together!

Another fabulously fun furniture transformation was my geometric coffee table. Hubby had a blast using his OCD skills to create the perfect lines & it turned out beautifully. Definitely one of the most tedious projects I've ever tackled!!

Another first this year was creating my first girly birthday party for little miss! I had a blast coming up with all things princess and glam!! It just so happened that her birthday falls perfectly in the fall which allows for gorgeous fall colors & pumpkins. Definitely fun things to work with :)

Wreaths are my absolute favorite small projects to work on & this gorgeous felt wreath was my favorite this year!! I'm working on coming up with a spring version at the moment so get ready :)

I love upcycling projects and this one was fab! If you haven't had a chance to see the transformation this little roadside trash to treasure did- you need to! Definitely a proud DIY moment. 

Another up-cycling project and super quick to put together. I always love finding a good use for something someone else considered trash. Definitely looks better glammed up & under my foyer table than it did on the side of the road :)

So there you have it.
My little blog year in review!!

What was your favorite project from Tattered & Inked this year? 
Was it included in the list? 

Hope 2014 is amazing for all of you, my friends!!

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