February 25, 2014

A Colorful Spring Chair Makeover

I guess that one good thing that can come out of being sick..yet again... is catching up on some blogging :) 

My goal was to blog at least twice a week this year but so far I have seriously had to try to get one a week up. 
But it's all about what I can manage right now so I try not to beat myself up about it & hope that you'll still love me anyway!

I have a huge amount of furniture makeovers to share with you and I'm going to try really hard not to share them all back to back.
I'll sprinkle some wreaths, parties & printables in there too :) 

But for now, I'm thinking you'll love this colorful makeover as much as I do!!

I had a client that wanted a fun, girly chair for her daughter's room. 
Luckily I had a super cute chair with fun spindle details just hanging out in my garage.

It didn't look like much at the beginning...

This picture was taken after it was cleaned up a bit.
It was worn & grimy to begin with.
And seatless. 

poor chair couldn't even be a chair. 

I gave it a good sanding and cleaned it all up to prep for paint. 

Next came replacing the seat.
I got a piece of MDF and traced around the seat to get the right shape.
Bring in my trusty jigsaw and within a few minutes, we had a brand new seat to cover.

I got a piece of two-inch foam and used a serrated knife to cut it to fit the shape of the seat. 
The serrated knife is the perfect way to cut foam because it slices through it easily if you use a back and forth motion. 

After creating the new seat, I grabbed my gorgeously- bright fabric I had picked out and recovered the seat.
I love recovering chairs because they're so quick & easy.
Instant satisfaction. 

Then I flipped the chair upside down and drilled screws into the bottom of the chair into the new seat to secure it in place. 

Oh, and before I screwed the new seat on, I painted the whole chair my favorite glossy white. 
Just in case you were wondering :) 

I've handpainted a few spindly chairs before because there wasn't a spraypaint in the color I wanted and I definitely try to avoid that whenever possible :)

Those spindles are not fun to hand paint. 
So spraypaint makes it quick & easy with amazing coverage. 

Isn't it looking so bright & happy? 

I'm in love with all the spring colors in the fabric. 
I have another cute chair that is going to get a similar makeover for my little girl :) 

And of course, the drab to fab colorful before & after...

Doesn't everyone need a little bit of color in their lives?
I'm thinking this cute chair is just the ticket :) 

Are you as spring-happy about it as I am??

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