February 05, 2014

A Quick Valentine's Mantel Makeover

Who else got a snow/ice day yesterday?
We got drizzles of ice and the world shut down :)

But me & little man got a day at home so that was worth it. 

I usually don't create mantels for all the little holidays...I like to do the big ones and then get to stare at the mantels for a while :)

But I was in the process of making a few valentine's projects for a client and decided to throw together a quick Valentine's mantel for the photo shoot. 
And why, yes, yes I do already have my spring mantel up in case you were wondering. 
I'm ready for it!!

So I literally tore down my spring mantel, ran around the house to quickly find some 'love' related items and threw together the mantel in about 15 minutes.
That's effort, ya'll. 

And I'll apologize in advance for the not-so-great picture quality. 
I got tired of fighting the terrible lighting and my camera that evening. 
So you get what ya get :)

It went more white & neutrals than in-your-face reds but I like the small touches it had :) 
Apparantly, I'm not a big red I didn't have a lot to grab when I was throwing things together. 
But I had plenty of mushy signs :) 

The "Love" print is my beloved MadebyGirl print that I won several years ago. 
It was perfect for the main focal point of the whole thing. 

You might recognize my DIY initial carving from a while usually hangs in the master bedroom but it was too perfect to not make an appearance on anything centered around love. 

The "sweetheart' sign was one I made a few months ago when I changed some things around in the master bedroom.
Me & hubby love singing this song to each other so I whipped up a fun sign for us to be reminded of it. 

The garland is for a client of mine who loves mustaches like crazy so it was fate :) 

I added a few pieces of milk glass, some glittery hearts and a couple birds to finish it up.
So...not bad for a 15 minutes change-up, huh? 

Do you change your mantels out for all the little holidays? 

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  1. The mantle looked great babe! Just thought I would stop in and tell you how much I love all of the work that you do for your blog. I know it makes you super happy and I love when you go into crazy craft/project mode....even moreso when I get to help out too! Love you more than the mantle above could ever portray!!!!


  2. Love it! Looks cute! I LOVE the sign you made (sweetheart) :)

  3. Kelsey! I just love your Valentine mantel. Too cute for words.



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