February 11, 2014

DIY Wedding Vows Wall Art

Only a few days left until Valentine's Day!!
I can't believe February is already nearly half over. 
What the what? 

It was just the New year...and now this!!

We had a fun little snow storm over the weekend and now that we've had one 'real' snow this year, I'm dying for spring to come. 

I need some sunny days stat. 

But in the meantime, I've had a few little love projects under wraps to share for Valentine's day. 
You can check out my ruffly Valentine's wreath here and my 15-minute Valentine's Mantel too. 

This project is actually one I made last year to showcase me & hubby's wedding vows.
Hubby is very sentimental and loves when I make something that has to do with us. 
And we got married last year just a couple weeks before Valentine's Day so I decided to make something that would show off our vows that we had written to each other. 

So this is what I came up with...

It's all my favorite things!
Rustic wood, distressed white, subway art and sweet hubby!!

Here's what I used: 
*Scraps of pallet wood
*Paint pens (blue & white) 
*Chipboard letters & stencils
*2 square frames
*Our typed vows

It was a bit tedious and messy but totally worth it!! 
This was before my Silhouette days so I opted to use chipboard letters as my lettering on the sign but I wanted it to be painted on so I could distress it.

I laid out all the letters where I wanted them to can sketch your design out on paper first to get a better idea of how big you need your sign to be.
After sanding my pallet wood down really well, I laid out all my letters.

I used a white paint pen mostly to trace around my letters and then filled certain words in with a blue paint pen. 
And I just hand-sketched the arrows on to fill in space. 

For our vows, I had two square frames on hand that were the perfect size for the project.
(I believe they were from the Dollar Store) 
I painted them white and then distressed them to bring out that gorgeous dark wood color.
I typed up our vows on the computer and then printed it on some very light patterned paper. 
Hot glue did the trick to secure them to my sign :) 

Before adhering the frames to my sign, I took my sander over the whole thing to distress and fade some of the words.
You know I can't stand a perfect finish- it has to be a little distressed :) 

If you want perfect spacing and lettering, you could definitely cut out the vinyl on a Silhouette or Cricut but I loved the hand-painted feel against the rustic wood. 

Hubby says it's his favorite thing I've made so far and it has a special place in our bedroom so we can read our vows & remind each other of those special words whenever we want. 

It's the perfect valentine's gift but really, it would be perfect anytime!

I'm hoping to get little man's valentine's up soon with a free printable but we shall see how that goes :) 

Hope you guys are having a great week!

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