February 17, 2014

Vintage Mantel Makeover

Ah...I feel like now most of the holidays have passed, it's finally time to start focusing on the things my heart loves the most!!

I have so many awesome furniture redos stored up to share with you and I was waiting until all the Christmas craziness died down...and then Valentines :) 

So now hopefully the weather will start cooperating and spring will finally start to peek out. 
Because that means all kinds of paint projects which I'm dying to do!!

I hate cold garages and not being able to paint. 
It makes me stir crazy!!

Soooo it's not entirely perfect painting weather yet but I have several projects from last year (yes, I've been saving them up!) that I can't wait to share.

And today's furniture redo had me drooling.
One of those pieces that a client brought it then I secretly wished I could pretend to 'lose' so I could have it for myself :) 

I mean, check out this amazing vintage mantel she scored at a flea market: 

I know, be jealous.
Cuz I sure was :) 

She had all kinds of fun plans for it to be in her daughter's room and make it into a book nook area.

It was in amazing shape & had gorgeous curves and corbels on it!!

She wanted it a bright blue which made me incredibly happy!!
(Painting pieces white & black for people gets old after a little while) 
Bright punches of color is where it's at!!

She chose a gorgeous aqua and wanted a distressed finish on it. 

I'll just let you sit and drool over it for a minute :) 

I loved loved loved the color of the raw wood underneath.
Not terribly dark and no crazy oranges :) 

I sealed it with a clear wax for protection and a smooth silky finish. 

And doesn't my milk glass look gorgeous up on it? 
I'm telling you, I've had my eye out for something similar to this ever since I redid it.
In. Love. 

This was one of my favorite pieces I've done- so simple & effective. 
The bright blue drew the attention to it that it completely deserved.

Here's the beautiful before & after: 

Are you as in love with this piece as I am? 
And I know it looked absolutely amazing in her daughter's room!!

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  1. I love a good fire surround make over, because you've already got the main piece in the surround - it's just a case of making it the feature of the room rather than just being there. The colour you've used is stunning too - I'm seeing a lot of that and corals around at the moment.

    Zurleys Vintage Furniture


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