March 18, 2014

Baby Update: It's a....

Well if you keep up with me on Facebook, then you heard our announcement over the weekend!!

I'm so bad about just updating on Facebook and never on the actual blog.
Which is the reason for the facebook page, duh Kelsey.

in case you were dying to know & hadn't heard yet...

it's a...

It's a GIRL!!!
We are so incredibly excited & blessed to be welcoming a sweet baby girl into our family!!

We've had names picked out forever so as soon as the ultrasound tech said it was a girl, we looked at each other and said "our Maggie Grace'. 

So sweet Maggie it is!!!

These two are so incredibly excited.
Well, little man is still hoping it'll change it's mind and be a boy. 

But they love talking to Maggie & asking when they'll get to meet her! 

Hubby & I are over the moon excited.
We would have been happy with a boy or a girl.
We are just so incredibly thrilled to have this chance together.

We never in a million years would have thought it was possible to have this life together.
You can read a tiny bit of our love story here but I've still so much to add. 

The fact that I get to call him my husband and know that we get to share life together every. single. day. is the biggest miracle I've ever experienced and the best gift God has ever given to me. 

And now to add a sweet little baby.
Where I get to be mommy and he gets to be daddy.
It's beyond words.

A year later & we still sometimes just sit back and stare at each other and go 'how?"
How we did we get here?

How is that we get to share this life together, much less get to celebrate bringing a new life into the world together? 

It's only through the power of God's love and His grace. 
Which has led to our love.
And our little Maggie Grace. 

So excited to share this new adventure even more with you guys!!
I'll have more fun updates soon :) 

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