March 09, 2014

Nursery Progress {Update 1}

So the title of this post might be better labeled "nursery room scores" or "the nursery that may someday be" or "the so-called nursery is a disaster but it won't be soon?"

Basically, we are right in the middle of tearing apart one room to create a blank slate for little one's new room. 

Our two older kids (6&7) both share a room and it works perfectly for them. They get bunk beds and everything :) 

But the new little person is going to take over what we call the 'craft room'. 
Which is basically the craft room, the office, the kid's art room and the store-all for everything else. 
It has worked amazingly for the past few years and I'm sad to see it go. 
We've had to be super creative in order to rearrange the house to accommodate everything that the room has been used for.

And because I'm a terrible blogger, I never even got around to showing you said 'craft room' so I'll give you a peek at what we've been living with for the past few years: 

It has evolved a lot over the past year but the furniture placement has remained the same.
The kids art desk is the red little desk you see in the corner of the picture and all their art supplies are stored in this room. 

We also have a double computer desk made from an Ikea table that hubby & I use for our home office.
This has been the biggest piece of the puzzle so far because we absolutely have to have a space for the computer and printer to go. 
I was dead set about not having it out in the either living room but I finally came up with a solution that involves more Ikea :) 
So I'll be sharing that as we make progress in that area too. 

See that monster armoire & dresser on the far wall? 
It literally holds my crafting life.
It's chock full of (nearly) all my craft supplies and I couldn't just get rid of it all and give up crafting altogether, now could I?
But neither could those pieces stay in baby's room. 

So last weekend, hubby & a friend lugged that monster out of this room and into the garage.
Which is no small feat by the way.
And I have a craft area set up in the garage by all my saws & power tools :)

The dresser went to storage and I had to find creative ways to store the supplies in there which included several containers and our nicely organized shelves in the garage. 

In case you think we've gotten most of the work done...
here's where we are at the moment:

The armoire was moved to the garage.
Both the dresser & the kids desk went into storage. 
We have to keep the computer desk in here a little longer until we can make a trip to Dallas to get our Ikea idea working. 
But eventually the desk & chairs will come out too.
We still have a ton of sorting & organizing to do but the big things are out and it's just little things to deal with now :) 

I can't wait to start painting & moving things in but first baby C has to cooperate!! 
We went for our gender ultrasound on Friday and baby wouldn't move into a good position.
The clinic also messed up and scheduled us a bit too early (I was 14 weeks, 6 days) and so we are going back late next week to try closer to 16 weeks. 

Keep your fingers crossed that Baby C shows us the goods :) 

So do you wanna see some of the awesome finds we have found over the past couple months??

We scored big this past weekend on several of the items I knew I wanted in the room and I'm so excited about each of them!!
All of these are BEFORE pictures so don't start turning your nose up at them.
They'll be beautiful in no time.

My idea for the nursery in my head is to have lots of found & DIY'ed items (of course!). 
I don't want all matchy-matchy furniture sets, because, well, that's just not me :)

I love painted & thrifted furniture so that's what we're doing!!

Check out the treasures we've found so far: 

I was so incredibly excited to find this little guy hanging out at Habitat yesterday.
I literally had to convince hubby to let me get it because he thought it was too sad-looking.
But once we loaded it up, he agreed that it would be the best thing ever :) 

I can't wait to get my hands on this guy & give him a gorgeous makeover.
The kids already love him and have named him 'Sugar'. 
He'll be the perfect heirloom-esque addition to the nursery!!

We picked up this fabulous wooden highchair at a flea market about a month ago.
Hubby knew I had been looking for a wooden one and he's the one who found this gem. 
We got the owner to come down to 30$ for it and it's in near-perfect condition.
But it'll paint up beautifully!!

I picked up this little rocking chair a few years ago at a garage sale for 5$. 
It's hung out in the garage ever since and I'm so glad we kept it because it'll be perfect for Baby C. 
I have big plans for it :) 

I'm so in love with this cradle it's not funny. 
I searched Craigslist for weeks before the listing came up for it & the sweetest couple ever sold it to us.
It's a Jenny Lind cradle and has been so well-taken care of.
I can't wait to get sheets & a mattress for it :)

This is the diamond-in-the-rough that you may want to turn your nose up to. 
But don't.
Because after it's transformation, it'll be a rockstar!!
Hubby found this at Habitat yesterday for 40$ and it is in great condition besides the worn  stained upholstery.
It rocks & swivels and oooh, look at that tufted back.
Be still my heart :) 

We found a couple random things at Garden Ridge & Gordmans. 
Hubby calls the basket a 'Moses basket' and thinks we'll be sending the baby off down the river. 
But it's cute & perfect for what I have in mind :) 

The end table (that is upside down) is metal and has fabulous lines for what I want to do with it. 

I can't believe all the amazing things we've been able to dig up in the past couple months.
I'm so excited to get my hands on them & start painting and moving them in.
Baby C just needs to cooperate so I know which color direction to go in!!!

Are you in love with any of the fabulous finds??

I'll keep you updated as we continue to get the room ready!!!
Hope you guys have a great start to your week :) 

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  1. How exciting! I know the nursery is going to be amazing! I can't wait to see more progress!

  2. I'm loving it already!!

  3. i look forward to watching the transformation- so don't leave us hanging!!! lol it's not like youre growing a tiny human or anything! lol its going to look great!


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