March 11, 2014

Springy update to the Ruffle Wreath

So remember a few weeks ago when I shared my valentine's interchangeable wreath
I told you I'd be back with another fun version of it and I am!!

I originally created the wreath for a spring/summer wreath but then I came up with the awesome idea of making different swags for the different seasons. 
So I shared valentine's first :) 

But today it's all about spring & fun pops of color!!

I'm a sucker for aquas & yellows so I'm in love with the bright colors of this ribbon swag :) 

And I love how easy it is to switch out the colors on this wreath. 
All I had to do was cut another length of twine & tie the colored ribbons to it.
I used sewing pins to pin it to the wreath form so it comes in and out easily. 

And I kept the grain-sack inspired banner across it too just cuz I love it :) 

I love that I can easily change out the garland or even the hanging ribbon at the top to easily add in more colors and give it a little mini makeover when I get tired of it!!

For the full tutorial on how I made the wreath, you can check it out here.
And have fun switching the garlands out!!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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