March 03, 2014

St. Patty's "Lucky" Shamrock Wreath

There may be ice on the ground here but I'm still thinking in terms of green!!
I'm dying for spring to actually get here to stay. 
We had gorgeous,sunny weather over the weekend and then woke up to snow/ice today. 

But in preparation for all things green, 
I whipped up a fun St. Patty's wreath last week!

I loved it mainly because I used up things I had around the house...
which meant no buying new supplies :) 
And since the craft room is slowly getting dismantled and moved out to the garage to prepare for sweet Baby C's arrival, buying new craft supplies isn't really on the list right now. 
So I started out with things I found around the house: 

But as far as wreaths go, the supplies for this are minimal so it wouldn't take long for you to grab them yourself! 

Wreath from (I re-used one from an old wreath I didn't like anymore) 
Bakers Twine (or any ribbon/string) 
Various pattern papers
Yarn in your choice of color
Quote printable (be on the lookout for what I used soon!) 

First things first, wrap that wreath from in your desired yarn/twine. 
This is the lengthy part of this wreath but so worth it for all that yummy texture.

You can tell I love doing yarn wreaths by some of my past wreaths I've done here, here and here

After wrapping your wreath, you can make your little banner for going across the center of it. 
I used a printable (I'll be sharing it soon, promise!) for St. Patty's day and hole-punched two holes in the top corners. I used scissors to cut the edges and then strung it across the wreath with baker's twine. 

Then comes adding all your bling & colors!!
I wanted a more non-traditional St. Patty's wreath in my sea-green color that I love but I used mixes of greens. blues & golds for my shamrocks. 

I used my silhouette to cut my little shamrocks out
(it wasn't the best experience I've had...I can't decide if I love or hate my machine yet) 
but the gold ones were too thick to run through the machine so I just traced around my other ones and cut them out by hand.

So if you don't have a Silhouette, don't be disappointed!
Either cut & trace them out or use a shamrock punch.
Either way, they'll be perfect :) 

I criss-crossed some bakers twine underneath the shamrocks first and then glued my shamrocks on, varying them by size & pattern. 

I love the sprinkle of glam & color they brought!! 

I'm loving all the blues & green together with glittery gold!!

Be sure to check back in a couple days for your own printable to use. 
You'll be shamrocked out in no time!! 

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