April 09, 2014

5 Minute Pitcher Update

So let's talk super simple DIY update that literally will you take you a few minutes to complete. 
Like, grab your supplies and sit in front of your TV for a fun show (mine at the moment are Scandal and Vampire Diaries...but whatever your guilty pleasure is works!!) and finish a fun project that makes a great impact!!

When completing my dining room makeover, I had several surfaces that needed a few fun things to sit out and look pretty. 
My china cabinet was easy to give a splash of color with my whites & blues that easily filled it up.
But I wanted to bring a punch of color & personality to the shelves & buffet that were in there too. 

And naturally, I hated the idea of spending tons of money to find knick-knacks and things to fill the space.
So definitely shop your house & cabinets before feeling like you have to go out and find something new.

I found several things hanging out in my cabinets and grabbed a few to try them out.
One of the things I had was this little blue pitcher I picked up forever ago at Target. 

It was cute enough on it's own I guess.
But it's one of those things where I'd had it long enough that it just needed something else to make it stand out :) 

So I decided to do something non-permanent and super easy to jazz it up.
But it's perfect because once I get tired of it, it'll easily come off & I can change it up again.
A nice (and less messier) alternative to paint. 

So here's what ya need to transform your own piece of glassware: 
*Piece of glassware/pottery of your choice
*Vinyl in desired color

And that is it, guys!

Cut your vinyl with a vinyl cutting machine (cricut, silhouette, etc) or freehand it yourself if it's simple enough.
I free-handed some fun arrows in varying sizes. 

And then just stick them to the surface of your item.
Of course I wouldn't do it to pieces you plan on using & washing because the vinyl isn't permanent and I didn't want to seal mine so I could keep it removable.

I love that it adds a little bit of personality to an otherwise just 'eh' piece I already had. 
As much as I love a good excuse to run to Target/TJ Maxx and get something new, sometime it's so nice to update what you already have!!

So many designs would look fabulous!
Think arrows, stripes, chevrons, monograms, polka dots...the list goes on and on. 

So run and sift through your cabinets and goodwill piles and see what you might be able to give a facelift to before giving up on it. 
If you don't have any pieces lying around, Goodwill and Habitat always have tons of glassware and random pottery pieces that a good coat of spraypaint and some vinyl would make look like a million bucks!!

Have fun creating!!

{For more details and pictures on my Dining Room Makeover, check it out here} 

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