April 07, 2014

Dining Room Makeover Reveal

This is one of those posts that have been in the works for a long time.
Like, a loooonnnggg time. 

Because I've been dying to share my dining room with you guys and the crazy huge transformation it's gone through over the past few years... but it's always been a few steps away from feeling perfect. 
Well, it'll never be perfect.
But it's perfect enough to finally share :) 

I'm constantly changing things but the dining room had to evolve many, many times to get to what I really had in my mind.
Most of it involved waiting for the perfect pieces of furniture.
Namely, a table. 

And with the arrival of my sweet hubby into my life...he also brought along the perfect table. 
Thus, the dining room could finally become complete. 
Yay for hubby and his awesome table. 

without going into everything before showing you the eye candy... let me show you one of my most favorite rooms in the house.

Let's start with the horrible befores. Brace yourselves. 

Now to be fair, this was when we moved into the house nearly five years ago. 
So it's naturally bare. 
Lotttttssss has happened since this picture...

well, just see for yourself...

Did you gasp out loud??
Cuz I sure did after going through the before and afters!!

How amazing is the transformation??
It doesn't even look like the same room. 

First off, let's talk walls and floors.
First thing that happened was a fresh coat of paint.
Which helped a lot.
We went from a very pink-based beige to a more gorgeous white beige that I love. 
It definitely helped. Subtle but effective.
I also painted under the chair-rail a bright white which helped brighten the room away from that dark brown that had been there. 
I plan on adding some awesome molding under there at some point. 

The carpet that had been there was replaced almost three years ago with gorgeous dark-laminate flooring. 
This was a game-changer in this room. 
I mean, who wants carpet under their table??
Ugh. Not me. 
Much easier clean-up now :)

Do you see the perfect table I was talking about up there?? 
Hubs had the most gorgeous pedestal table in his apartment and it may have been the first thing I noticed about his place. 
It went through it's own transformation before making it's home in the dining room but that reveal will be later this week :) 

See that pretty pop of color hanging from the ceiling there? 
Want a closer look??

Isn't it a beauty?
I'll be sharing more on this chandy's little makeover later this week.
Just wait until you hear how much I paid for it. 

On one of the walls I hung the piece of art I made for Hubby and I's one year of being together. 

 I also wanted something that I could rotate pictures easily on and my planked picture hanger was born from that.
Details on that later too! 

Sometimes I think it's the little details that count most.
One of my favorite things in the room is this framed wedding picture of us. 
The powder white frame is from Hobby Lobby and it was perfect for displaying one of my fave pics of the two of us. 
Love it. 

The candle in the trifle dish is from our wedding too.
And of course I had to throw a C somewhere in the room :) 

Moving to the back of the room is my gorgeous buffet that used to be my Mimi's. 
I love this piece and it's one of the few that I haven't thought about touching with paint yet. 

I shared my swirled plate wall with you a few years ago and it's still here in all it's glory.
I love all my plates & the personality it brings into the room.
You can check out the link above for more info on where the plates came from! 

Remember my blue shelf from it's makeover I shared a while ago? 
It's filled with some of my favorite pieces... including my 'mommy rocks' from little man and a piece of driftwood with some of the lyrics of 'crazy girl' on it. 
It's a special song for me and my guy :) 

A lot of the accessories in the room were DIY"d or thrifted. 
The blue distressed tray, the decorative balls in the cloche and the gold bowl were all DIY projects. 
The gold mercury glass vase was a Target find and my white milk glass vase was a fun thrifted find :) 

Don't judge the fact that pumpkins are currently in the take pictures when you can guys... and my chance may have been last fall. haha. 
I'll share my spring tablescape soon. 

One of my most favorite things in the room are my blue chairs. 
I put a couple mismatched pairs together and they all got colorful makeovers.
Sharing more later on these guys :) 

This is where my little stenciled table ended up. 
I added several gold accents (it's my new obsession) and my vintage white frame was the perfect place to hang a ruffle felt wreath from. 
A tutorial for my monogram art will be up soon. 

On the two walls you can't see well in the pictures are some framed wedding pictures that I adore. 
I got the white square frames on clearance at Kirklands and just replaced the art that was inside with burlap & some Black and white photos. 

My china cabinet houses my vintage pyrex and milk glass collection as well as my Kate Spade wedding china. 
Lots of happies in there!!!

The distressed name sign from our wedding ended up in here above our huge windows. 
It filled the space perfectly and makes me smile every time I see it. 
A tutorial will be coming soon on that very simple arrow art hanging next to the china cabinet. 
I also plan on adding some molding around the window at some point :) that I've shared the entire room with you...
you have to see the dramatic side by sides. 
They are awesome :) 

It's still crazy to me how far this room has come. 
So much has changed to make it brighter, cheerier and a more personal place for us to spend some family time. 

Annndddd there's my dining room!!

Are you as excited about seeing the transformation as I am??
It's definitely taken the longest of my rooms to evolve into what it is today but it was worth the wait. 

What's your favorite part in the room? 


Want some more fun room makeovers to drool over? 
You can check out bunches more of my house right here

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  1. Looks really nice. I love the material you picked for the chairs. If you have any left over material, it would look cute to put small back pillows on the mismatched chairs. Great job.

  2. wow! it looks beautiful!!! idk what my favorite part is- all the different textures, the clean bright colors, the mis-matched yard sale finds, i just love it all!!!

  3. The before and after looks are very much different. You went a long way with it. I can’t believe it’s even the same room. I love what you did on the chairs and table. The colors made the room so alive. I think it has a very light and airy feel over it, which would make anyone enjoy eating on it. Good job on the makeover! :D

    Joanne Daniels @ VIP Furniture Outlet


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