April 13, 2014

DIY Easter Cross

I'm back for another super quick Easter project that only took a few minutes for me to throw together!!

Which, to be honest, are the only kinds of projects I have time for right now.
Unless it involves getting pieces done for the nursery- those are taking up all my time lately :) 

But if you're not a hoarder like me, you may not have random weather and beat-up pieces of scrap wood lying around.
So it may take a few more steps than mine did.
But I'll walk you through it!!

I had a couple pieces of beat-up, peeling pieces of wood
(which are my favorite kind!!) 
so I decided to throw a few pieces together to create a rustic cross. 

Isn't it gorgeous in all of it's rustic, peeling, old-paint glory?
Crosses are beautiful in their imperfections...because that's the whole purpose of them. 
They are a gorgeous symbol of imperfection and the perfect Savior who died on one of them for all those imperfections. 


To create a simple cross, 
I used three pieces of the wood I had.
Hubby ran them through the table saw for me.
But a miter saw or handsaw could easily do the trick. 

On the back of the pieces of wood, 
I used random hinges I had lying around to connect all the pieces. 
Love using what I have :) 

They easily connected all the pieces, or you could use cheap metal brackets that any of the home stores sell. 

If yours doesn't already have a beautiful chippy coat of paint on it.
take your raw wood and throw a couple coats of random colors on it.
This one had white underneath so coat a thick coat of white on.
Let dry.
Then paint with a chocolate brown and distress it up. 
You could also stain your wood before painting for an extra layer.

Lastly, I made a quick banner to go across out of burlap and ric rac ribbon.
Cut small pieces of burlap to the size/shape you want and then hot glue them to your ribbon.

I used a sharpie to free-hand letters on my banner or you could use a stencil to help you out. 
Use hot glue to hang the ribbon onto your cross.

So there you have it.
A gorgeously simple Easter DIY that took me about five minutes altogether to create. 

I love the amazing reminder it brings us around Easter too. 
A Savior that was willing to die on a cross for all of us. 
Definitely makes everything else seem small in comparison of such a great act of Love. 

Happy Sunday, friends. 
See you later this week for more fun DIY Dining Room Posts!!

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