April 04, 2014

DIY Easter Signs

Hey guys!!
Just wanted to pop in today and share a couple of fun easter signs I whipped up last week for a client. 

She loves all things distressed so it's always fun making things for her :) 

These were super easy & the longest part was waiting for the paint to dry.

The first one was just a two-toned sign because I wanted the gorgeous wood to show through.
My dad had these amazing huge planks of wood hanging out in his barn and he chopped a few pieces for me to use. 
I love them because they are perfectly weather, have amazing grain to them and the boards are thick enough to stand on their own. 

I cut my letters out the old-fashioned way- using an exacto knife and Microsoft Word.
I could have gotten out my Silhouette but I didn't feel like getting it out.

So I used stencil adhesive to keep the letters tacky enough to stay on while I spraypainted over them. 
Then distress to your hearts content once it's dry :) 

The second one I kept the weathered wood the star and used my same letter method to create a stencil from them. 
I used green & blue sample paints to stencil my words on and then distressed.

I love the colors on this!!
The kids thought this was a way fun sign for some reason so I may need to whip one up for us too!!

So there you have it- two super easy and fun signs to brighten up your home for easter!!
Hope you guys have a great weekend :)

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