April 15, 2014

Easiest Candle Update Ever!!! Like ever.

For real, guys.
So easy.

Like 'I shouldn't have  tutorial for it, it's that easy' but I do.
So you get to see the loveliness :)

Plus sometimes it's just nice to see an uncomplicated project that pretty much anyone can whip out, right? 

And this involves paper, a candle and sewing pins.

Simple, peeps.

Here's what we are talking about: 

Gorgeous, right? 
And about a minute of work.
Even better :) 

Here's what you need: 
*Plain white candle
*Paper/cardstock/fabric of your choice
*Sewing pins

1. Decide how far up your paper will go and cut it to that width with your straight-edge. 
2. Wrap around your candle 
3. Secure paper with sewing pins. (see below) 

I used sewing pins so that I could easily remove if I wanted to change it out.
Which will more than likely happen :) 

For a fun candle stand,
I used a piece of scrap wood I had around.
It was gorgeous cedar and I knew it couldn't just be thrown away. 

I sanded away all the dirt and made it nice & smooth and it was gorgeous enough to stand on it's own. 

I made a sweet vignette on top of my little stenciled table that I did forever ago.
Doesn't the gold candle look gorgeous with the cedar block??

The yellow bowl was a quick paint job on a Goodwill bowl I did forever ago. 
And I wrapped some random books with twine to help lift the glass pitcher up.
The flowers were from my wedding :) 

To check out the rest of the room, head over here to see the whole Dining Room transformation!!

How's that for an easy DIY? 
May be my easiest one yet :) 
Go wrap some candles!!!  

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