April 22, 2014

Monogram Wall Art

Guys, I am one tired momma. 

I know we all are, right?
But that's just the reason I'm going to give you right now for not being the best blogger :) 

I told myself a few months ago when we found out about our sweet baby girl coming in August that I had to be ok with not being on top of absolutely everything.
And that blogging is supposed to be fun. 
Not a chore.
Not something I have to get done each evening.

So I've gone with that. 
I blog when I can.
When I have energy.
When I have time.
And when I have the passion to do it.

I love seeing this blog grow.
And it may be doing it in tiny steps at the moment but right now I'm focusing on what is behind the blog.
My family.
My kids.
And our new baby girl.

And to enjoy all that, sometimes the blog gets set aside for a week or two.
Forgive me? 

Because I love you guys so much.
And I love this blog.
But I want to continue loving it.
And not feeling weighed down by it.
Ever feel like that?

So after sharing that little piece of my heart,
this may be my only post up this week. 

I'm starting a brand new job next week that I'm super excited about.
But it means wrapping things up at my current job this week.
And we are surprising the littles with a trip to Seaworld this weekend for little man's bday.
Which means packing, cleaning, laundry.
I'm one tired momma. 

And this is what I can get up on the blog this week :) 

Some fun monogram art from the dining room reveal. 

It was a breeze to make and I love the impact it gives!! 
Plus I just love using our monogram :) 

Our dining room is our only eating area in the house so we spend a lot of time in there as a family.
I definitely wanted to incorporate things that displayed our family & the fun we all have together. 
This sweet monogram brings a little of me & hubby into the room (especially since my wedding bouquet is resting on the table underneath it). 
And my planked picture board brings in a bit of all of us. 

Wood board (or plaque from Hobby Lobby) 
Chalkboard plaque (Hobby Lobby) 
Gold & White paint
Patterned paper for monogram

First things first, I painted my bottom board white.
It was just a scrap piece of MDF I had so nothing special. 
After several coats of white, I taped off my diagonal stripes with painters tape and painted a couple coats of gold on. 

The top plaque was already chalkboard painted when I bought it so I just brushed on some gold along the edges of it for some glam. 

I used my silhouette to make a gorgeously curvy monogram and cut it out on some blue patterned paper. 
I used spray adhesive to adhere it to the finished board.
Or you could use vinyl for easy application :) 

Then hang in a special spot & enjoy!!
Wouldn't it make a gorgeous wreath too? 
With a silky ribbon to hang it from? 

I'm loving the pops of gold all around the room and it makes this monogram arm so glam!!

Are you loving my striped, gold monogram art as much as I am? 

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