April 08, 2014

Weathered Planked Picture Hanger Tutorial

Ok, so first things first.
If you haven't had a chance to check out my dining room reveal that I shared need to scoot right over and scroll through all that eye candy. 

Because it was a majorly awesome makeover project that I know you don't want to miss!!!!

Here, I'll give you a glimpse...

Umm yea. 
So get over there first and check it out :) 

Then come run back over here for this fun DIY tutorial on the picture hanger you see in the photos.

This is a super quick & easy project if you're looking for a fun way to display bunches of pictures. 
I wanted something I could easily rotate pictures out with and one that could hold a bunch.
So I put some scrap weathered boards to good use...

I laid the boards out and then used my table saw to cut them to varying lengths.
I wanted an asymmetrical look but if you're more OCD than me, make all your boards nice & even :) 

Then use two shorter boards on the back to screw them all together. 
I screwed in two heavy picture hangers on the back boards to hang it with since it was quite hefty after it was built. 

Make sure to sand your boards down to a nice, soft finish.
I love the different color tones that show through in these weathered boards after they're sanded down. 
I like to use a finishing wax for a buttery smooth finish and to make them gleam a bit but it's not necessary :) 

To allow for pictures to hang, use screw eyes at either end of the boards and screw them in nice & tight. 
Add bakers twine, ribbon or rope through them and tie to the screweyes.
My boards allowed for two rows that would easily hold 5x7 photos.
If you're going for more instagram-size photos, you could make more rows for your pictures. 

For my arrows on the sides, I used a piece of gold glitter cardstock and cut some arrows free-hand from it. 
Then attach with glue dots or hot glue. 
I like the extra bit of glam it gave. 

I used mini clothespin to hang my pictures from and they work fabulously!! I also added some sheet music behind a couple pictures just because :) 

You could definitely hang a ton on the twine & overlap your pictures for a more eclectic look. 

I love the rustic quality it brings to the room.
Mixed with a lot of color and other textures in the room, it stays away from looking too country and brings the perfect bit of vintage in!!

I hung it right below my artwork I made for the year-mark of Hubby & I being together. 

I love bringing a touch of handmade into each room of our house because it makes it so much more personalized and us. 
Don't be scared to get your hands dirty and make pieces that specifically fit your space & bring a bit of your personality into your space.
After all, you live in it so make it a place you love :) 

{For more dining room makeover details, check out the full post here.}

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