May 13, 2014

Baby Project: Wooden Highchair Makeover

Hello there friends!!
Remember me??

I still live :) 

I figured I should drop in with a few updates and let you know that baby M is growing fabulously and lots of projects are underway to make room for her! 

Wanna see a quick bump update? 

I'm right at 24 weeks now and we are getting a little crazy excited about getting to hold our sweet baby girl in just a few short months.
We've been hard at work in the nursery and it's finally starting to look like a baby's room.
I can't wait to share some updates with you about it soon.

But for now, I'm sharing a fun makeover I did with the wooden highchair I found a couple months ago.
I posted about a bunch of our baby finds a few weeks ago and this was one of my first baby paint projects I tackled. 

Here's the before picture of the highchair we were able to score: 

This was one of those pieces I knew we were going to get as soon as we found out baby existed.
I just love wooden highchairs.

Apparently everyone else does too...because it took a little while to find.
Hubby scored this one at a random flea market wayy back in the corner and talked the owner down to 30$. 

It was in great condition besides needing new straps. 

So I sanded it down and gave it  a couple glossy coats of my favorite Rustoleum enamel white. 
Check her out after a few beautiful coats of paint: 

Gorgeous right??
After it dried I sanded it down for some distressing.
Mostly because I love the look and major plus because it'll get tons of use so no worries about it showing a little wear :) 

I love that the tray is in perfect condition and easily comes on and off. 
It got a good distressing too and a couple coats of finishing wax to make it safer to eat off of. 

For an added little bit of personality, I added her sweet name to the back of the chair with pink vinyl. 

I love the pop of color it gives it plus I just an excuse to see her name :) 

I decided to go with classic white rather than a fun blue or pink because it'll be sitting in our dining room with our other blue chairs. 
I wanted it to go with the furniture in there more than I wanted a pink chair :) 
Plus I can jazz it up all cute with whatever colors I want for party pictures!!

Want some before & after magic??

I'm in love with our new little highchair and can't wait for sweet baby feet & giggles to put in it!!!

PS.... I am planning on buying a new buckle for the chair- they are super cheap on Amazon and an easy replacement to make for old chairs in case you find one too :) 

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  1. Do you know the amazon link for the replacement buckle??? I bought a very similar gighchair bit the straps are gross. :) thanks!! Erincyoung (at)


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