May 28, 2014

Nursery Teaser :)

Hey friends!
I wanted to pop in and say a quick hey to make sure you knew I hadn't disappeared :) 

Lots has been happening around here and me & hubby were able to escape this past weekend to Branson for a fun adult-only getaway.
We figured it would be our last little getaway before baby Maggie graces us with her presence. 

Hubby snapped a picture of me on one of our scenic stops so in case you were wanting a bump I am at week 26!!

We've made tons of progress on the nursery in the past few weeks and I'm beyond amazed that it's nearly done before summer!!
We are waiting on a couple pieces to get finished so they can be moved in but other than that, it's nearing the end stages.

Sweet hubby has worked so hard to do a lot of it...I came home many days to find him painting or installing things. 
He's incredibly excited :) 

I can't do a full-on photo shoot until the last couple items are finished, but I figured I should share a sneak peek of how things are coming...

Eek. Can't wait to share it all!

Are you excited to see the full reveal soon????

I Know I am!! 
That's all I have for you right now guys but I promise I"'ll be back with some more projects I've done lately.


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  1. you look beautiful!!! i can't wait to see the rest of her little room! and its so heart warming to hear of all the sweet things your hubby does for you. you are blessed!!!


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