July 29, 2014

Burlap & Lace Yellow Ruffle Wreath

I figured we would take a break for a minute from baby stuff and talk a little craftiness.
Since that's what I'm usually all about anyways :)

We have been crazy busy the past week- hubby took on a huge outdoor project that I've been dying to have done for years so I'll be sharing more on that soon! 

We also had the sweetest baby shower last night thrown by some sweet friends & family so I've been busy sorting and getting things ready for baby! Less than 5 weeks- eek! 

But for now, let's talk one of my favorite crafty projects. 
Which is of course a new wreath! 

If you have followed for very long at all you know that I have a slight obsession with wreaths. 
Tons of my tutorials can be found here for them! 

I switch them around in the house a lot whenever my moods change or I'm just up for something different in a space. 
And some of my older wreaths have been retired and re-used for new ones. 

I was wanting something for our front entry area because I had grown tired of the wreath that had been there. 
So I decided something yellow was the ticket :) 

Doesn't it look gorgeous with all the neutrals, yellows & blues going on? 
And after I hung it up I realized it could go for summer & fall if I wanted. 
I"m thinking a couple glittery pumpkins & leaves would be super cute tucked into it come fall. 

I was a terrible blogger and didn't get pictures of the whole process.
But I'll walk you through it the best I can :) 

Basically, it's the same technique I used for my fall rosette wreath that I'm still swooning over. 
The only difference being that I covered the entire wreath form with my fabric squares rather than adding ribbon to part of it. 

Supplies needed: 
*Desired fabric- I used light burlap, yellow striped knit and lace
*Wreath Form
*Straight sewing pins

Cut your squares of fabric and spend an hour or two watching your favorite show & pinning them into the wreath form to create all the gorgeous textures. 
I wish I had more yellow on hand, I would have added a bit more in. 
But I supplemented with some burlap I had on hand which makes it more fall-friendly I feel like. 
Score for having one wreath that works for two seasons! 

I ended up throwing on a quick burlap ribbon at the top for something extra. 
Totally not planned but I love eye-balling my projects like that and messing with them until they 'work' just right. 

I'm thinking it's the perfect addition for the entry area but it doesn't mean it will stay there forever :) 
Switching things around the house is one of the easiest ways to change up the look without spending a dime. 
Which is always the best way to go! 

So how's that for a quick wreath tutorial? 
I love these style of wreaths because they all look different depending on what materials and colors you use. 
Plus they're a fun way to keep your hands busy if you're restless like me when watching tv. 

Is it bad to say that I'm excited about fall coming up and August isn't even here quite yet? 
I think it's Hobby Lobby's fault and all their gorgeous fall decor that is ALREADY out. 

But in the meantime, I'll be waiting on baby girl to make her appearance :)
Which is a thousand times more exciting. 
Love you guys! 

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