July 31, 2014

DIY Vintage Sign Clock

As much as I have so loved pumping out tons of baby projects and sharing all the baby love with you guys, I definitely want you to know that I've done lots of other things this summer :) 

The heat has kept me out of the garage for the majority of the summer which has made me a bit sad since I love painting and redoing big pieces but it's also let me get a few small projects done which has been great! 

I shared a quick & easy summer/fall wreath with you earlier in the week and today I wanted to share a project I did for my dad for Father's Day. 

I stumbled on an awesome round piece of wood while at Lowes one day and inspiration immediately struck. 
I love when that happens. 

It was actually a package of two so be ready for what I did with the other one :) 

As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to whip up a vintage inspired clock. 
So first things first, I stained it my beautiful dark walnut so that when I distressed it, the dark stain would show through. 

Next, I had to decide on a design for the vintage sign portion. 
My dad's family own's a party & food shop in South Carolina called "Cromer's" and it's a big part of his childhood and is still owned by some of his cousins today. 

So if you're in South Carolina and dying for boiled peanuts, look them up! 
They are definitely the place to go :) 

Anywho. All that to say. 
I knew I wanted something inspired by the Cromer's logo. 
So I used my Silhouette to trace the Cromer's logo and just took the 's off so it would be just my parent's last name. 
I used a vintage font to add their wedding year under it and then cut it out with my amazing Silhouette. 

I used my cut vinyl to create a stencil and painted it on in black. 
Then did the same thing for just the four main numbers so the numbers wouldn't be too busy and take away from the logo design. 

Then distress your heart out :) 

Lastly, grab a clock kit from your local craft store- I got mine at Hobby Lobby. 

Just make sure you pick the right size for your project.
My hands were a bit long for my clock but the metal is super thin and was easily cut to alter it a bit. 

Our next problem was cutting a notch out of the back of the clock in order to set the clock mechanism in. 

Cue my amazing husband and our dremel.
Now....learn from our over-zealous mistake and don't wear your poor dremel out.
It was the only tool we had that would even come close to etching out a notch big enough for our mechanism box but it's not really the tool meant to do it. 
We didn't have access to a router so we made this work.
But killed our poor dremel in the process. 

But we did end up with a notch deep enough to get the clock mechanism through and then attached the hands according to directions on the back. 

Throw in some batteries, set your hands and stand back to admire your gorgeous vintage clock!!!

I'm in love with how amazing the 'logo' turned out with the original font & design of my dad's family's store. 

How fun would it be as a 'cold drinks' outdoor sign? 
So many fun possibilities :) 

Are you loving the vintage sign look? 
I was so excited with how it turned out and thrilled that I could incorporate part of my dad's heritage into it. 

See you guys soon- hopefully with some updated bump pictures :) 

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  1. What an adorable DIY! That is just the perfect centerpiece for a living room decor. I like how you made it look weathered and vintage looking. I'm definitely going to try and make one for my humble abode that needs some sprucing up. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Josh Saunders @ Signs Unlimited

  2. Love, LOVE, LOVE this! There are a few people in my family that would love this. We come from a very strong Italian family & my grandparents opened a restaurant, fine dining and bar in 1952. Just thinking of Bella Italia colors w/ our familys name or crest on it! Never realized the parts to make a clock were so easy to do! Thanks for sharing ALL of your projects. I am a TRUE newbie....just started getting into upcycling & have been wanting to do crafts 4 years. I am disabled & I just think it would be a great hobby I could do. Guess I have 2 get my first got glue gun...seems like everyone uses it for endless projects....never used one in my life, almost 48...just goes 2 show...never 2 old 2 learn new things 😀 TYVM AGAIN!!! Jenn


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